Thursday, March 20, 2014

Purity Reference Linestage 2014


The multi award winning Reference linestage continues to get better. The Purity Reference is a Class A, transformer coupled balanced linestage and is the result of years of intensive research directed at attaining the most accurate reproduction of recorded music.  Unique topology and application of the most advanced technological resources and processes bring the Purity Reference to a threshold of excellence in sound reproduction.  To add to the main features, the Purity Reference utilizes transformer coupling at both the input and output. Transformer coupling output results in a low output impedance making the Purity Reference a versatile unit that is capable of driving both solid state and vacuum tube amplifiers with input impedances as low as 600 ohms. Extraordinary transparency of perceived sound which in turn assures the recreation of a three dimensional soundstage.

The best sounding volume control next to autoformers is one that has the least resistance in the path and can maintain consistency throughout all frequencies, for this we chose to use a modified shunt type - with the clean signal path of a shunt type attenuator but an input impedance that stays much more constant than a traditional shunt type attenuator over the level control range. It features 1db steps from -60db up to unity gain.

The Reference now incorporates Dynamicap capacitors in the output stage. Enhancements in the power supply include the use of high current toroidal transformers and 100% polypropylene filter capacitors. For 2014, the Reference now incorporates a CLCLC power supply meaning it now has two chokes and additional (3 stage) filtering capacitance. Tube filament power is now supplied by a high quality, highly regulated DC supply for the quietest possible presentation.

The Reference  will now use the same all aluminum chassis as the new 2014 Statement Series.

With 3 sets of balanced inputs, 3 sets of unbalanced inputs and 2 sets each balanced and unbalanced outputs, connection possibilities are vast. When an unbalanced input is selected, the signal still passes through the input transformer maintaining a low output impedance as well as the resolution and transparency transformer coupling is known for.  Single ended outputs also benefit from transformer coupling. Absolute phase and balance control are selected both through the supplied aluminum remote handset and the front panel controls.

As with all Purity Series products, the remote circuit has been granted a dedicated power supply including a separate, standalone power transformer as not to interfere at all with the analog circuit.

A new feature found on all 2014 Series linestages is the ability to connect the new headphone amplifier module allowing you to have a state-of-the-art vacuum tube headphone amp that utilizes the Reference circuitry. Another new feature now found on the Reference linestage is HT Bypass allowing you to integrate the Reference into and home theater system utilizing a home theater processor.

Type : Class "A", Zero feedback, triode vacuum tube preamplifier

High/Low output gain switch

Circuit gain: 17dB High/ 13dB Low

Input impedance: 100K

Output impedance: < 180 ohm

Recommended output load: > 2000 ohms

Frequency response: 13Hz-35kHz -1dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.05% @ 1V output

AC Power Requirements : 117/220/230/240 volts (factory wired)

Fuse: 1.2 amp fast blow (1/4" x 1-1/4")

Tube lineup : 6SN7 or 12AU7 ×2

Dimensions : 16" Wide x 16" Deep x 6" High