Saturday, January 25, 2020

Friday, January 24, 2020

SeaWave Acoustics Master

Technical Specifications

4 way

Natural Birch & Dark Brown

Driver Units

Tweeter Specially ordered diamond tweeter

Mid  2“ titanium compression driver
Rounded wood horn 1000mm

Woofer Skaaning 12“ Double

Super Woofer 18“

Frequency Response
18 - 35000Hz (±1)

Amplifier requirements
4 power amplifiers for Super Woofer, Woofer, Mid, Tweeter

350 kg

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Xquisite MC cartridges

Xquisite - Finest MC cartridge with patented monobloc-ceramic transducer technology by Thales - HiFiction AG

Cantilever and coil body are made of a single high-strength ceramic piece.

Accordingly, there is no more joint at the point of the highest dynamic load, and the music signal is transmitted absolutely pure from the diamond tip to the coil body.


Saturday, January 11, 2020

Etalon Sound TruAmp mono amps

The final touchdowns on “TruAmp” are close to their completion. >250W monoblocks are almost finished in their development and they passed all the tests on our workbench.

To reiterate what’s so unique about “TruAmp” and why it’s so “true” to the signal we’d like to briefly mention its main features:

1. The shortest signal path possible and the meticulous choice of component and materials used.

2. Additionally, a very small amount of negative feedback is being used, and, finally, the mono amplifiers are fully balanced – all the way, from the inputs to the outputs.

3. “TruAmp”’s design utilizes only two stages of amplification; moreover, the first one is passive.
The latter is what we call “SuperT transformer”. (Patented by Etalon Sound, Firstly presented at MHES'2019) It provides the necessary signal voltage gain without distorting and limiting the amplitude-frequency response at the lowest and highest audio frequencies (as most of the conventional step-up transformers do).

The “SuperT”’s outstanding performance is achieved via applying a unique nanocrystalline iron alloy for its core. This cutting edge alloy vastly outperforms any ferrites, different iron alloys and even Permalloy in the magnetic permeability.

Because the number of turns in the transformer is quite small, this “SuperT” feature allows us to minimize the transformer core’s dimensions, which, in its turn, leads to a much smaller flux leakage, stray capacitance and resistive losses in its windings.

Additionally, the shape of “SuperT” transformer itself and “Symmetrized” litz wire used in its windings provide the further improvement of its properties compared to the ones demonstrated by conventional transformers of similar weight and size.

The output stage is a unity gain current amplifier operating in AB mode. It’s built with powerful Mosfet transistors of “lateral” structure. The latter devices do have a lot more linear transconductance to drain current rate than “vertical” Mosfets, and the designs applying them are widely recognized as very “musical” ones. On top of it, the output Mosfets for any production sample of “TruAmp” are meticulously hand-matched with some very strict tolerances.

To conclude, the “TrueAmp” monoblock amplifier recently went through a set of multiple strict auditioning in some top-notch audio systems, and the experts’ verdict: the sound of the amplifier is truly magnificent.

Present stage is designing and producing the appropriate High-End-level body.

The first items will be delivered to distributor's showroom this spring, and of course, we will be presented at 2020 trade shows and exhibitions.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Dual Primus Maximus Direct Drive


Speed: 33/45/78 rpm

Wooden case, milled from an MDF block, coated with fine real wood veneer

A large selection of fine veneers is available for individual requests

Construction: solid 10 mm thick aluminum plate

Four height-adjustable device feet made of solid aluminum

Reaches the nominal speed 33 within 5 seconds, which the player maintains with a stoic calm

Massive tall 10 mm thick aluminum plate eliminates vibrations

Brand new anti-vibration quality RUBBER slipmat

Dynamically balanced all-aluminum arm with precision CARDANIC ball bearings

Adjustable contact force on the tip with scale

The carbon fiber arm tube provides optimum rigidity and optimum damping properties

Direct Drive extremely high quality drive

High quality MC Audio-Technica AT OC7

Dust plexiglass cover

Solid 10 mm thick aluminum plate

Four height-adjustable aluminum legs

Dimensions: 420mm x 132mm x 350mm

Handcrafted in Germany

Minimum 100 pcs

Monday, January 6, 2020

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Aura Fidelity Audiophile Amp 110 Class A-A


The basic DNA of almost any  audio amplifiers has been the same for many years. You can clearly see  the three stages found in many audio amps. They are differential, voltage gain and current output stage. The design and building of these stages can be very advanced. It can also output alright and to a point beautiful music. However they are far from perfect.

​The mixing of feedback signal with pure input signal in the differential is a disaster.  Inverting the signal phase twice  through a not entirely perfect designed signal path results in a lot of small errors.

It results in a kind of “electronic fog. The biasing of the current output stage could be better with  new thinking and renewing.

Aura Fidelity has designed and built a totally different audio amplifier system.

It starts with two non inverting voltage gain stages with 1/25 gain. The first one works with the positive part of the signal phase, the other one the negative part. The distortion in these stages is close to zero. The signal gets energy from the non inverting current gain. From there it is directly transfered to the output current stage.

The design allows operation without any form for feedback. An advanced Bias Servo Circuit, free and independent of line swings provides max efficiency to the high linear output transistors.

The Aura Fidelity Audiophile AMP 110 stands for a superb music reproduction - it is well defined and pure over the whole frequency range. It is purely designed for audiophiles and music lovers.

Technical Data:

Output Power:
2x160 Watt 4 Ohm

Frequency range:
20 Hz -25 KHz +/- 0.05 dB

98 dB

< 0,005 %

Built in Dac

2 digital TOSLINK inputs
2 digital RCA inputs

2 unbalanced RCA inputs
1 unbalanced RCA pre-amp output
1 balanced XLR input
​1 balanced XLR pre-amp output
2 speaker outputs

Programmable remote control

400 x 435 x 110 (DWH)

Finish: Silver, Black