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S.A.Lab Samson

We created our amplifying set S.A.Lab from the very ground up. Regarding schematics, technology and incredible sound Samson stands very close to our phenomenal Hercules. New Samson combines powerful and explosive dynamic with quality of sheer musical intellectual. The amplifiers are recognized by audiophiles in the whole world.

It took 1,5 years from us to develop Samson preamplifier and power amplifiers. Samson is push-pull design with Russian 6п36с output tube. There are 6 tubes in ultralinear operating mode in monoblock. Cascode driver scheme is based on Russian 6ж4 (6SA7) as a triode.

Samson’s output transformers are refined those of Hercules and have the same power.

Monoblock’s power supply includes separated transformers for output tubes’ anodes (600 W), tubes heating (400 W) and driver stage (400 W). Power supplying of tubes’ grids and driver stages is regulated.

Samson preamplifier has Russian 6п9 and eight balanced transformer in total: four input and four output transformers. Relay switched ladder volume control is realized on tantalus resistors.

We decorate Samson’s face plates and chassis with luxurious Ferrari paints (many colors for choice).

Technical specifications:

Output power (4 Ohm), W — 250

Signal-to-noise ratio, dB — 100

THD, % — 0,1

Damping factor – 20

Power amplifier dimensions, mm — 770 х 250 х 590

Preamplifier dimensions, mm — 150 х 480 х 450

Power amplifier weight, kg — 65

Preamplifier weight, kg — 20

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Channel D Lino C 2.0 Current-Mode MC Phono Preamplifier

Current-Mode Design for automatic gain and cartridge loading

The Lino C 2.0 uses current-mode (transimpedance) circuit technology. A current-mode MC preamplifier amplifies the current rather than the voltage from the cartridge. Consequently, gain and cartridge loading are automatic. This also improves the cartridge's mechanical damping and tracking. With the Lino C's balanced current-mode inputs, ultra-low-noise, hum-free operation is assured.


Beautiful brushed-aluminum chassis. Connectors are the best available, professional quality Neutrik gold contact XLR. Special non-marring isolation feet are directly coupled to the Lino C's rigid and massive internal chassis conferring immunity to external mechanical vibrations.

Rechargeable Battery Power Supply

Rechargeable battery power is a key feature for substantially enhancing the performance of a phono preamplifier. The low-impedance (an effective sink for noise), internally located AGM battery is capable of supplying 50 amperes of current, outperforming all other types of batteries (and supercapacitors) used in audio applications.

Locating the battery inside the preamplifier chassis insures that the battery is in the same electrical environment as the sensitive circuitry, eliminating potential sources of noise pickup. The battery is conditioned and kept float-charged by a proprietary circuit, rather than use an "off the shelf" microprocessor based conditioning and monitoring circuit, which would introduce unwanted noise.

The external charging supply is automatically disconnected when an input signal is detected. Of course, the Lino C may be operated while the battery is charging, or even (if necessary, while waiting for a replacement) with the battery disconnected, by removing an internal fuse. Battery life is 3 to 5 years (or more), and is designed to be easily user-replaceable. We use a readily available type, commonly used for photovoltaic energy storage / alarm systems.

External settings

Gain-structure and mode settings are located on the bottom of the chassis. The set-it-and-forget-it gain-structure setting allows matching the overall output level of the Lino C to your other components. Mode setting allows configuring the balanced outputs for standard phono output or optional "flat" output (gain with no RIAA EQ) allowing optimal use in combination with digital audio and DSP-based RIAA, if desired.

The Lino C's superior technical design features:

Ultra low impedance AGM rechargeable battery used as charge storage reservoir and power supply filter; proprietary, exclusive analog charging and maintenance circuitry specially designed by Channel D and proven, refined and used in our phono stage designs for over 9 years

Balanced* design for lowest noise and improved signal linearity

True single ended outputs obtained by differential summing and balanced signal input for lowest possible noise (high common mode rejection) on single ended connections

Ultra precision (0.1% tolerance) metal film low noise resistors used throughout

German-made ultra-low-dissipation-factor evaporated metal film polypropylene capacitors used in RIAA network, same as in our other phono preamplifiers

Hand selected and matched components insure RIAA accuracy better than +/- 0.1 dB


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Hi-Fi: The History of High-end Audio Design

A beyond-cool look at the world of high-end audio design for passionate collectors, obsessive audiophiles, and design fans

At a time when sales of vinyl records have hit a 25-year high, and analog technologies are providing the kind of extraordinary audio experiences that our increasingly digital world has started to remove, Hi-Fi is essential reading.

This unique book explores just how, when, and why the world fell in love with the look, feel, and sound of top-of-the-line audio equipment.

Hi-Fi traces this fascinating evolution from the 1950s to today (and tomorrow), taking readers right up to the current renaissance of all things analog and the emergence of cutting-edge designs for die-hard audiophiles.

Buy it here

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Invention Audio DA220 Class A power amplifier


A 20W+20W Pure Class A power amplifier using Alfet lateral mosfets.

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Norse Acoustics Girnd

With LFEM - Low Frequency Enhancement Module