Thursday, February 28, 2019

Abyss Diana Phi


The DIANA headphones were launched in early 2018 as a luxury line touted as the world’s thinnest boutique headphone. It has since changed longstanding perceptions of headphone physics by easily comparing to and in many cases besting the highest performance headphones. World-class sound in a compact portable package.

ABYSS has since worked toward furthering this success, producing this second higher performance Phi version that’s ‘bigger on the inside’ by incorporating the Phi planar speakers from their flagship AB-1266 Phi CC, the headphone on the tip of any connoisseur’s tongue when asked; ‘What’s the best’?

The new DIANA Phi headphone has world-class dynamics, resolution, and refinement to sound never before heard in such a compact package. As with any ABYSS, she’s quite capable of playing any genre of music to an extreme level of enjoyment, limited only by the electronics and recording. The goosebump inducing ‘you are there’ sound is to die for.

'Bigger on the Inside' best describes her huge sound, bass depth and speed second only to her big brother, wide soundstage with impeccable tonal balance, voices so real you feel they are with you. Diana Phi plays her heart out for you every time you wear her.

Machined, finished, and carefully hand assembled in New York, USA

The thinnest boutique headphone in the world sculpted from aircraft grade aluminum for incredible strength

Sporty leathers and soft Alcantara®

High-tech ceramic finish has her looking good

Hand-carved extra-wide low profile ear pads with minimal clamping force offer extreme comfort for any head shape

Large 63 mm patent pending Phi planar drivers with ultra-low mass diaphragm for extremely fast bass impact and subtle lifelike details to music

EMotion headband magnetically adjusts and contours your head for a comfortable fit

Comes in a Titanium Gray color. Custom colors available

USA made dual zipper canvas carry case with leather accents and accessory pockets for easy travel

Weight 350 grams

Impedance 32 ohms

Sensitivity 91 dB/mw

Includes cable by JPS Labs, length 1.5 meter/5 FT, with choice of 3.5 mm, 2.5 mm balanced, 4 pin XLR or 4.4 mm balanced plug (Additional cables may be purchased separately)

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Tchernov Cable Reference DSC SC

The latest evolution of our flagship speaker cable builds on the ground-breaking DSC (Distributed Symmetric Conductor, Patent RU No.2652382U) architecture.

The signal transmission is carried out by two lines consisting of three similar conductors, configured around a central damping SPVC cord in a hexagonal structure 3+3+1 with a maximum packing factor. The phase (L) and neutral (N) conductors are aligned in an alternating ring circuit.

DSC enables the highest possible group wave speed, significant EMI reduction and better noise immunity up to 20-40 dB compared to an ordinary conductor. Reduced irradiation determines low and constant impedance in a wider frequency range and guarantees near-to-ideal amplifier-speaker matching regardless of design ethos and specifications.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Phant Audio ABV Turntable

The ABV record player is a idler-drive unit, conceived and created as an upgrade for the classic German Elac Miracord 50H players. These players are well known to many music lovers around the world. For their more than 50-year history, they deserve the status of cult, and still delight their fans with a special drive, rhythm and musicality. Unfortunately, with all the advantages, in stock performance, they have a number of restrictions that this upgrade proposes to eliminate.

The upgrade includes the following steps. A heavy, resonant 80 mm birch plywood plinth, covered with veneer, comes to replace the standard case. The player loses all parts of automation and regular ton arm; switching on and off is now done via a speed selector. A plate milled from 4 mm of duralumin is added to the standard panel of steel 2 mm. The resulting sandwich is tied to the skirting mass, it has excellent rigidity and effectively suppresses resonances in a wide range. Rubber parts of a regular engine mount are replaced with products made of sorbotan - a unique elastic material combining the functions of both springs and shock absorber, which now adsorb engine vibrations, isolating them from penetration into the sound signal. The picture is completed by a new tonearm (at the customer’s choice),

The result is the transition of a talented veteran in the higher sound league. Accuracy, stability, resolution, improvement of the signal / rumble level, the ability to use any tonearms and pickups, up to the highest level, are added to the original musical and technical advantages of the player. And for someone, the increased usability and modern appearance will also become important.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

KuraDa KD-P1 Headphone


53 mm driver unit designed exclusively

We developed a new driver unit to realize sufficient low frequency while it is fully open. Adopting a neodymium magnet with strong magnetic energy. By thinning the thickness of the diaphragm until durability permits it, it has become possible to express precise sound accurately.

Full Open Structure without housing adopts a fully open housing that does not cause excessive resonance or resonance. All the main parts of the housing are cut out from the chunk of A 7075 (Ultra duralumin) and produced. All movable parts are supported by stainless steel bearings, eliminate noise and distortion, and move smoothly.

It is designed not only from the appearance impact, but also on the research, so as to obtain the best sound quality from various perspectives such as housing rigidity, driver unit mounting angle, distance to the ear, installation area of ​​the ear pad, and so on.

Driver unit - 53 mm Dynamic type

Sensitivity - 96 dB

Impedance - 42 Ω

Frequency - 20 - 20,000 Hz

Weight - 550 g (not including code)

Cable specification - 3.0 m OFC detachable type

RAAL-requisite SR1a Earfield monitor


The SR1a by RAAL-requisite is the world's first Earfield™ Monitor. Experience mixing, mastering, and home listening with unparalleled accuracy and realism in a soundfield devoid of room acoustics and comb-filtering caused by work surface reflections. Earfield™ technology delivers unheard of program accuracy and a speaker-like soundfield experience.

The SR1a is the world’s first True-Ribbon™ headphone. Highly specialized ribbon drivers were developed that reproduce 30Hz to 30kHz bandwidth in order to eliminate the need for sealed chambered bass and allow for open air baffles (both front and back) for a true full-frequency soundfield.

Professional engineers report that SR1a Earfield Monitors™ reveal more detail and accuracy than even their finest traditional studio monitors or heaphones. Helping to achieve high-quality, transferable mix results in non-traditional environments. The accuracy, musicality and portability of the SR1a frees the engineer to work whenever, and wherever they choose.

Weighing in at only 425 grams (15 ounces). Unlike standard headphones who’s weight and heat create listener discomfort over time. The SR1a Earfield™ design eliminates heat buildup on the ears providing a cool, natural airflow. Your ears will also appreciate the complete absence of sound pressure against the eardrums caused by traditional sealed can designs. SR1a headphones can be worn comfortably for many hours at any listening level.

The SR1a features; carbon fiber baffles, stainless spring steel headband, aluminum ribbon drivers, plush memory foam bars, and lambskin leather (non-leather option available). Every SR1a is expertly handmade, in Serbia, by the skilled European craftspeople who build world-renowned RAAL ribbon tweeters.