Saturday, March 31, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hartvig TT Signature Turntable

From Danish music lover Soeren Hartvig comes the Hartvig TT Signature turntable with battery power supply "to ensure incredible reproduction of sound and distinguish itself from digital media as the analog sound is both smooth and reproduces the music down to the last detail.

Hartvig Audio will be represented with a booth in Munich Exhibition in Room 120f.

Jadis Calliope cd transport


Outputs - Spdif, AES, ST and Jadis Dig Signal

Weight - 50kg

Monday, March 19, 2012

TIDAL Prisma preamplifer

The all new TIDAL Prisma: It closes the gap between our classic, the TIDAL Preos, and our flagship, the mighty TIDAL Presencio.
The intention was: how can we offer the perfomance of our extremely expensive Presencio into a more compact cabinet?

So we redesigned the Powerdeck and the Linedeck of the flagship and designed it all for one cabinet as an internal dual stack design. Needless to say we are more than happy with the result and achieved our goal.

Extremely fast and transparent fully balanced minimal path topology
True dual mono pre amplifier with fully regulated power supply
Internal dual stack design isolation platforms
Only 1 high precision resistor in the signalpath for level adjustment
Remote control for volume and intelligent soft mute
Can be configurated as 1:1 direct mode
Autarcic power cord inputs for analog section and control section
Intelligent remote function for TIDAL power amplifiers

The official premiere and start will be in 2012 at the HIGHEND 2012 Munich show in early May.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Crystal Cable Absolute Dream cables

Crystal Cable's new top-range Absolute Dream (interconnects, speaker cable, power cords, with USB/Firewire models coming later in the year) combines four coaxial runs which are twisted at 45°. Two coaxes run pure signal, the other two operate in Crystal Cable's patented Bridge setup.

Pure mono-crystal conductors show up in both the cores and the braided shielding. The pure silver cores are covered by Dupont's Kapton and Peel dielectrics before two shielding layers (one silver-plated copper, one gold-plated silver) are applied.

The final quad braid is covered by a transparent outer sleeve for a unique appearance and terminated with carbon Furutech connectors.

Special identification barrels hold laser-engraved serial numbers.

The Absolute Dream models will be launched at the HighEnd 2012 Munich show.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hegel H300 integrated amplifier

Price 30,000 NOK including a dac.

250watt output in 8 ohm.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FM Acoustics Resolution 255 MkIIR

FM Acoustics has upgraded the 255 MkII preamplifer with a remote control.

Price ca CHF 38000

Audio Alto AA CD202 cd player


Audio Alto

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vertere Acoustics Pulse cables


Pulse Hand-built

Pulse hand-built utilises several internal conductors.

Pulse MicroLine
Pulse MicroLine conductor is Teflon coated with bespoke high purity copper strands plated in silver to a pre-defined thickness. New manufacturing methods were incorporated to handle the fragility of this critical conductor. The MicroLine strands, being a fraction of a human hair in thickness, create a challenge in the construction of the hand-built Pulse, limiting the overall length to a maximum of 2.0m. This conductor is only implemented in the hand-built Pulse cables.

Pulse HairLine
Pulse HairLine conductor is similar to the MicroLine, Teflon coated with over 3 times the number of bespoke high purity copper strands, plated in silver to half the thickness. The HairLine strands, also thinner than human hair, are designed with a ‘slow’ twist requiring special manufacturing techniques that ensure absolute quality and consistency.

Pulse ModeLine
Pulse ModeLine conductor, Teflon coated with several bespoke high purity copper strands is plated in silver to twice the thickness of the MicroLine. The ModeLine strands, with a ‘fast’ twist, are designed to assist wideband audio signal transmission through three main conduction layers. As per MicroLine and HairLine, there are both ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ conductors of ModeLine to ensure absolute signal quality.

Pulse EarthLine
Pulse EarthLine conductor, Teflon coated with multi stranded high purity copper strands, is plated in silver to 2/3 of the thickness of the MicroLine. The EarthLine defines an exact DC reference for all the alternating signals and in conjunction with the MicroLine, HairLine and ModeLine conductors provides maximum low level detail with remarkable dynamic range. Each and every hand-built Pulse cable is fully shielded with the necessary number and combination of internal conductors to a pre-specified twist and terminated with Vertere proprietary reference RCA or balanced XLR connectors.

Line Level Analogue Interconnect
The Line Level Pulse-R, conceived with the constant line-level signal in mind, is internally configured differently from the tonearm cable. It is designed to conduct complex, alternating, wideband and dynamic audio signals with absolute integrity. Following in the footsteps of our hand-built Pulse, Pulse-R provides unrestricted signal dynamics while preserving the intricate low level detail.

Pre Out Analogue Interconnect
Pre Out Pulse-R internal conductors are also configured differently from the Pulse-R Line Level in order to work effortlessly with and cater for the altering preamplifier output signal. Preamp output is volume controlled, where the signal level is amplified or attenuated as desired, which in turn causes the noise floor to change with it.

Tonearm Cable
Pulse-R external Tonearm Cable, similar in design to our hand-built Pulse, also enables the miniature cartridge generator to drive the phono input with ease. Pulse-R cable construction facilitates conducting the delicate phono signal as well as accommodating the substantial RIAA equalisation on the LP.

Price 0,85/1,15m

Pulse-R €2550/2800
Pulse-B €950/1050
Pulse-C €300/350

Internal Conductors
Pulse-X Loudspeaker Cable has a unique internal design and construction.
It utilises a DC zero conductor providing ground reference for the fully shielded and multi-conductor audio signal.
The signal shield is connected at the amplifier output to the DC zero ground for optimised performance.
This arrangement is also applied to bi-wired applications even when using a single connector at the amplifier end.

Price 2/2,5m - €1630/1950


Audrilabs Novachord


Audrilabs Novachord is an integrated amplifier based on a hybrid preamp running in class A. This preamp drives an analog class D power stage. The classic 6H30Pi Russian twin triode is the tube of choice because it works with very low resistor values in the signal path.

This design is free of global negative feedback and there’s only very little local negative feedback. There are two mono preamplifiers and two power amplifiers into one chassis.

Inside the Novachord there are four toroidal transformers. The power stage is fed by a huge 1.4KVA power toroid with a 88.000µF capacitor bank to generate 500 watts into 4Ω. Each preamplifier channel with its multi-layer circuit board has its own toroidal power transformer and separate power supply. The fourth transformer feeds the LCD, touch-screen management micro controller and tube heater supplies.

Volume attenuation is via a DACT 24-position stepper attenuator.

With its orange/black touch screen for input/bypass/setup selection and that lone multi-function master control, the Novachord presents an exceptionally tidy and modern face to the world.

Novachord has 3+1 RCA+XLR inputs and one pair of top-quality Furutech speaker terminals.

Power specs are 220/500w into 8/4Ω. Peak output current is 46A. Frequency response is 4Hz to 60kHz ±3dB. Damping factor is 1.500 @ 1kHz. Dimensions are 480 x 474 x 154 DxWxH.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Audiomat Drive D1