Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bassocontinuo Revolution Aeon

Harmonious shapes and performances without compromises. Carbon main structure (CFRP ENDOSKELETON) and highly cushioning techno gel on which float the shelves (LHPS SHELVES). An innovative and skillful material mix enhances the concept of perfection. REVOLUTION LINE was born to create a new standard and to explode some false myths. It is a product line born and designed to satisfy the most demanding enthusiast (AEON is the forefather and its name means “era” or “eternity”). It is tested with anti-seismic methodologies and certified thanks to cutting-edge devices that spotted its weak points and gave us the chance to fix them and develop a unique project.

AEON – The beginning of a new era
The experience gained during all these years challenged us towards a new goal. AEON was born after we reached it. The new REVOLUTION LINE enters a crowded market but it has that extra oomph. We read every day statements that exceed the concepts of physics basis. It seems that those that exaggerate the most win. Other times someone makes up some miraculous potion that has the only aim to mix up ideas. AEON – and the next devices included in the REVOLUTION LINE – is based on clear physics concepts and on serious data. We have not made up things and we have left nothing to chance. To establish a new standard, it is necessary to respect the consumer: is the rack that we have created the best available on the market? Probably not but we are well aware of what we are about to introduce.

Composite materials as system’s frame. Carbon fiber is an anisotropic material (it reacts differently to the different forces that stress it) that is used in the aerospace and automotive industry for its characteristics of high stiffness and lightweight. The CFRP (acronym for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) ENDOSKELETON is made of a BIDIRECTIONAL carbon and glass fiber sandwich structure reinforced with structural resins. The fibers orientation (optimized thanks to structural and accelerometric tests that have evidenced the critical stress points) made possible the creation of a very light main frame (around 600 grams) able to bear up to 140 times its weight. The CFRP ENDOSKELETON is a MONOCOQUE BODY, namely made of a unique monolithic element made in an aluminium machined solid plate. Monocoque bodies have no structural welding and this is their distinguishing feature. Monocoque bodies are the best that composite market can offer. (F1 cars have a safety airframe that is made using this technology).

Lightweight High Performance Sandwich is a material mix especially designed to enhance sound performances. Each shelf section has a mono directional carbon fiber shell 1 mm thick and a special polyurethane foam with overlapping epoxy resin that build out supporting ribs. The result is a perfect dispersion of residual vibrations (generated by the sources) in the form of heat, a very high resistance to compression and to static load and an optimum force distribution (as it is demonstrated by the modal analysis). The four techno gel dumpings on which it leans, allow the movement of the shelf in three directions and dramatically reduce direct vibrations generated by the sound pressure.

TSA – Technogel Shock Absorber
To describe this exceptional material we need only few words! Developed by Technogel Gmbh in cooperation with Bayer Chemical Company (it has been widely employed also in our ZEN LINE), Technogel is a unique “soft solid” material that joins together the 3D deformation of a fluid and the memory shape of a solid. It’s a completely non-toxic and stable polyurethane substance (made without using oils or plasticizers), at first developed for the medical field and now used in a wide range of applications. This material, exposed to dynamic stress, has demonstrated a degree of absorption and dispersion unique in its category.

EDT – Encapsulated Damper Technology
Here is the challenge! Where else could we place a high performance rack if not on the only material that can guarantees a very high absorption coefficient? Every foot is adjustable in height thanks to threads 1 point per inch, it has inside an elastomer cylinder 15 mm thick and 3 degrees of constraint (thus it maintains the necessary stability). Thanks to the material’s relative compliance (50 sh.) the foot easily adjusts to the surface and at the same time this compliance absorbs (and disperse in the form of heat) floor vibrations that are the vibrations that have a bigger strength (low frequency transverse waves). A simple but effective solution.


Construction: Modular stainless steel feet; on an endoskeleton made ​​of carbon fiber reinforced plastic floating floors; Carbon floors with polyurethane sandwich damping 

Thickness of the shelf: 25 mm 

Height between shelves: 95-345 mm 

Overall dimensions: 660 x 560 mm (W x D) 

Usable area: 600 x 515 mm (W x D) per shelf 

Load capacity: top shelf: 60 kg; bottom shelf: 80 kg 

Decoupling: Constructed of TAS (Technogel © Shock absorber) and EDT (Encapsulated Damper Technology) 

Polymer Audio Research MKS-X at Axpona


Here with FMA, Thrax, Weiss and Krolo rack.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

dartZeel new NHB-18NS

Same external gorgeous appeal, with almost everything new inside.
See and listen to it in world premiere during the Highend 2014 show in Munich.

Audio Replas Adjustable Spike Insulator upgrade on Dynaudio Confidence C2 Signature

The original black Dynaudio spikes

The sound is much better with the Audio Replas than the original from Dynaudio.

Courbé Courbe speakers



Height 1216 mm
Width 503 mm
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency Range 24 - 30000 Hz
Power Handling 70 - 300 W
Sensitivity 88 dB

At SIAS 2014

Doshi Phono 3.0


Monday, April 28, 2014

CH Precision M1 mono

3 modes - mono, bi-amp and bridged
Uses ExactBios technology
Variable local/global feedback

Power output in 8/4/2 ohms
Mono + bi-amp 200/350/600 watt
Bridged 700/1200/1600 watt

Capacitors - Total 400,000 uF
Transformer - 2200 VA

Size - 44x27x44 cm
Weight - 75 kg

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Acoustic Signature Triple X Turntable


Clou Cable Aurora Borealis

New reference silver cable from Sweden.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bully Sound Company I5 integrated Amplifier

A perfect blend of the 5-Series amplifers and preamplifiers. I5 is based around a 50W Class A amplifier.

Release date - Late 3rd Quarter 2014

Vapor Sound Derecho with Purity at Axpona

Derecho info

Friday, April 25, 2014

Vitus Audio MP-S201 Stereo amplifier in production

Content moved to Wizard Ultimate

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Estelon Extreme - more pictures


Bass: 2 - 10" aluminum sandwich cone
Midbass: 1 - 10" aluminum sandwich cone
Midrange: 1 - 7" ceramic driver
Tweeter: 1 - 1.5" diamond dome
Frequency response: 20 - 45000 Hz
Rated power: 500 W
Normal Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity: 91dB / 2.83V
Adjustable height: 1770mm - 2070mm
Width: 790mm
Weight: 250kg

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spatial Audio Lumina speakers

Sleek and beautiful, the Lumina is a refreshing break from conventional boxy speakers. Lumina is available in five delicious colors. Only the finest automotive paints are employed, providing long term beauty and enjoyment. Exemplary quality and fit are immediately evident when encountering Lumina.

Colors: Graphite • Azul • Rosso • Arctic • Lambo

10 S Matte $ 4000 pr

10 S Gloss $ 5000 pr

10 Be Gloss $ 7500 pr

12 Be Reference $ 10,000 pr


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kaiser Showroom in Regensburg

Kawero! Classic with external crossover, Leading Edge rack, Thrax, Aletheia dac, ARC, Kuzma and Vertex AQ cables.

Saturday, April 19, 2014