Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Aurender X100 Series Music Server


Aurender Conductor for iPad Series

X100L - 6TB HDD & 120GB SSD
X100S - 1TB HDD & 120GB SSD

USB 2.0


X100L - 215x83x355mm
X100S - 215x83c257mm

X100L - 7,5 kg
X100S - 5 kg

Monday, December 23, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Goldmund Telos Headphone Amplifier

A new Goldmund Amplifier is born and will be presented to you in Los Angeles in January. It is the Goldmund Telos Headphone Amplifier.

It can drive any headphone even the least sensitive ones, and adapts to any impedance.

Being a Telos, it brings exceptional dynamics (80V rails). It comes with built-in gain adjustment and its volume control is similar to that developed for the Mimesis 22H, with unique linearity and perfect channel balance.

Last but not least, Goldmund innovates again with the first headphone amplifier integrating built-in DSP that allows unique signal treatments like Time correction (Leonardo) or Binaural decoding, for continuous and smooth head tracking in all angles.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Audia Flight Strumento No. 8 mono amps

Technical Data:

Output power per channel Wrms 8/4/2 ohm 500/1000/2000
Input sensitivity 1.41 Vrms
Frequency response (1W rms -3dB) 0,3 Hz ÷ 1 MHz
Slew-Rate (on 8 ohm) > 200 V/μS
THD < 0,05 %
S/N Ratio 110 dB
Input impedance Unbalanced 7,5 Kohm
Balanced 7,5 Kohm
Damping factor (on 8 ohm) > 1000
Main voltage AC (50-60Hz) 240 V
Power consumption 3300 W MAX
Dimensions and weigth 450x280x500mm (wxhxd) - 95 Kg
Shipping dimensions and weigth 580x410x700mm (wxhxd) - 125 Kg

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

D’Agostino Momentum integrated amplifier

Industry awards and new Momentum integrated amp highlight D’Agostino LLC plans for 2014 International CES

At International CES, January 7-10, 2014, in Venetian Hotel suite 29-223, Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems will be debuting its new Momentum integrated amplifier and celebrating many recent honors from industry publications and organizations. The company invites and encourages CES attendees to visit the Venetian suite to audition its latest products.

The Momentum integrated amplifier brings many of the technologies from the Momentum amplifiers and preamplifier to a broader market. From the front, the integrated amp closely resembles with Momentum preamp, with the same illuminated indicator dial inspired by Swiss watches. Like the preamp, the integrated amp offers six balanced XLR inputs. It also continues the preamp’s bypassable tone controls for bass and treble, so the sound can be adjusted to suit the recording, the room or the other equipment in the system, all without affecting fundamental audio quality and musicality.

Using the same essential design concepts as the original Momentum amplifiers, the Momentum integrated amp delivers 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms, both rated conservatively. Like the originals, the integrated draws less than 1 watt of power in standby mode, and employs 1% metal-film resistors, 69 MHz output transistors

Monday, December 2, 2013

Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference


Berkeley Audio Design is extremely pleased to announce the availability of the new Alpha DAC Reference Series.

The Alpha DAC Reference Series embodies everything we know about digital to analogue conversion taken to an unprecedented level – a level that requires new design concepts & new components at the edge of what is possible.  The result is an immediacy and presence of music reproduction that is simply real.

We literally designed the Reference Series before is was possible to built it.  Almost three years in development, the Alpha DAC Reference Series uses components designed to our specifications that were not commercially available.  Several suppliers were not able to meet our requirements which delayed the release of the Reference Series by more than one year.  But those obstacles were overcome and now the Alpha DAC Reference Series is a reality.

The presence & sonic reality of the Reference Series is the result of digital to analogue conversion at a new level of accuracy made possible by tremendous electrical & mechanical noise isolation coupled with extreme time domain stability.  Ceramic circuit board materials are used in all critical areas and the enclosure is carefully engineered to minimize electrical noise while maximizing mechanical stability.  The Reference Series weighs over 40 pounds and the entire enclosure is precision machined from a a solid billet of 6061 – T aluminum alloy.

A new high output, all metal IR remote control with direct input source selection is provided with the Reference Series.

Careful consideration was given to providing the highest possible reproduction of DSD files by the Alpha DAC Reference Series.  99% of modern DAC’s, including the Alpha Reference Series use mult-bit D/A converters because they provide better performance than 1-bit converters – even those who advertise “native” DSD compatibility.  So, at some point, the 1-bit DSD stream must be converted to multi-bit for all of those DAC’s.

We could, like many other manufacturers, convert 1-bit DSD to multi-bit within the Alpha DAC Reference Series and show “DSD” in the front panel display.  That would be the easiest approach from a marketing perspective.  But that would also mean increasing the amount of processing in the DAC during playback which would degrade audio quality, and audio quality is the reason the Alpha Reference Series exists.

Fortunately, virtually all reproduction of DSD files using external DAC’s occurs with a computer based music server as the source.  If the 1-bit DSD to multi-bit conversion is done first in the computer it can be performed with extremely high precision and superior filtering that preserves all of the content of the DSD file.  Computer DSD to multi-bit conversion can be at least as good as that performed in a DAC and without adding processing noise near or in the D/A converter chip.  Another advantage of computer based DSD to PCM conversion is that if higher performance DSD versions such as DSD 4x appear in the future they can easily be supported with a software upgrade.

For all of those reasons, DSD capability for the Alpha DAC Reference Series is provided by an included state of the art software application that provides either real time conversion of DSD 1x and DSD 2x to 176.4 kHz 24 bit PCM during playback or conversion to 176.4 kHz 24 bit AIFF or WAV files.  The software application is included in the price of the Alpha DAC Reference Series and is compatible with either Windows OS or Mac OS based music servers.

The Alpha DAC Reference Series supports 32 kHz to 192 kHz 24-bit PCM through four input; Balanced AES, Coaxial SPDIF 1, Coaxial SPDIF 2 and Toslink Optical.  Independent, single-ended and true balanced analogue outputs are provided.  Dimensions are 17.5 inches Wide X 12.5 inches Deep X 3.5 inches High.