Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Albarry Music M1108 Mono-Bloc Power Amplifiers

£5750 /pr

Our new flagship  M1108  power amplifiers have now been released and have quickly gained critical acclaim for their outstanding dynamics and effortless handling of the most complex music. Those who have auditioned and purchased the M1108's, commonly describe the performance as sounding more like a valve amplifier than any valve amplifier.
Developed from the successful and highly acclaimed M608 mono-bloc power amplifiers, the M1108's deliver an increased dynamic range, a greater sound stage and bring out the subtleties in the music message.
In common with the M608's, the new M1108's deliver a subjectively far higher sound level than the output power rating would suggest and are capable of driving the most difficult speaker loads.
As with all Albarry products, the overall design concept, careful selection of the precision and sonically superior components, build quality and attention to detail, contribute to the M1108's outstanding performance. When it comes to the expectation for Albarry to produce an amplifier which delivers on accuracy, musicality and emotion, the new M1108's succeed entirely .
Hand built in the UK and engineered within Albarry's own unique black anodised heatsink style case, the M1108's are finished with the distinctive Albarry Red 4401 livery.


Output - 110Watts into 8 Ohms (20.5dBW)
Frequency response - 2Hz-110 KHz
Damping factor - greater than 500
Input impedance - 5K Ohms
Input sensitivity - 725mV 0dB
S/Noise - better than 113dB ‘A’ weighted 2/3s power

Output stage safety thermal cut-out at 70ºc
Dimensions - H140mm W158mm D265mm

Weight - 14Kg  (per pair)