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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Boulder 866 Integrated Amplifier

$12250 analog version
$14450 analog+digital version

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Soulines The Loop Phono Stage


The Loop phono pre-amplifier is based around pair of NOS ECF80 tubes, employed in the RIAA equalization and MM gain stage, utilizing unique passive RIAA curve equalization, thus providing very neutral sound along with the natural tonal colors of the voices and instruments. The Loop is essentially hand made product, utilizing only components which are carefully selected and matched.

MC step up gain section is done with J-fets in SMD technology, providing a high MC gain suitable for wide range of MC cartridges, along with MC input impedance (MC load) set-up feature for three most common loads, 50ohm, 100ohm and 200ohm, select-able by micro-switches at the back panel of the unit.

NOS ECF80 tubes and all the parts and elements are rigorously hand selected and matched, after extensive measuring and listening tests, in order to provide a great performance. ECF80 tube sets should last for more than 5000 hours, and matched pairs of NOS ECF80 tube sets are available as spare parts.

When designing the all aluminum case-enclosure, we employed our extensive experience from the turntable design and construction, utilizing 10mm thick aluminum panels, strategically damped and solid aluminum cones-feet damped by rubber-cork washers, doing everything in order to provide a stable mechanical base for the electronics and tubes to work.

Along with the standard 230VAC power supply version, 115VAC power supply version is available as well, differing from the standard version only by the different values of mains transformer and fuse used.

Features and characteristics:

Hybrid tube design with ECF80 tubes
MM & MC capability
RIAA accuracy - 0,5dB/20Hz-20kHz
MM gain - 38dB
MC gain - 64dB
Input impedance MM - 47kohm
Input impedance MC - 50,100,200 ohm
Output impedance - 3kohm (load over 20kohm)
Power supply - 230VAC 50-60Hz or 115VAC 50-60Hz
Dimensions WxDxH - 310x280x125mm
Total weight - 6.95kg

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Norse Acoustics CL-F1

We are very proud to show you the latest concept drawing of the speaker with the internal code CL-F1 (product name not yet decided). This is very close to final product; only minor changes are being evaluated.

This is the passive model, but we are also working on a fully active version to be released later.

The passive version is being designed as a full range speaker for smaller rooms where the two rear woofers are designed to work together with the front wall. This will offer the benefit of more capacity in the bass region as well as reduce the potential for nasty dips due to cancellations caused by reflections.

The midwoofer is in an acoustic resistance enclosure which by controlled leakage cancel out the sound waves traveling backwards towards the front and side walls and reduce the level dramatically. Everything to make the speaker work better in-room.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Audio Consulting Meteor MIPA Amplifier

After many years that we have been selling MIPA amplifiers, the need for a state of the art version of this amplifier has become obvious. Over the last ten years, we also have started developing toroidal versions of our Silver Rock transformers (see Meteor AVC and Meteor MC step up). Using exotic magnetic materials, silver wire and new winding technologies lead us to new levels in transformer performance in audio.

Thermal distortion is a very important factor in audio electronics. It is the major factor that creates the difference between tube electronics and solid state electronics.
Semi conductors do produce thermal distortion whereas tubes do not.There were many research articles published by “Hephaistos” in the magazine “L’Audiophile” between 1977 and 1992 that clearly show that tubes do not exhibit thermal distortion.

We may add that according to our experience, even resistors (among may other evils) do produce thermal distortion as do wires.

In the Meteor Mipa we use new technologies that allow to totally avoid thermal distortion, while at the same time achieve well over 85% efficiency.

The Meteor Mipa is built using even better power supply capacitors and extremely low tempco and low tolerance resistors. In order to further lower supply impedance, we use external Lithium batteries, which allow for a gain in weight and voltage stability.

The  Meteor MIPA comes with one additional cabinets containing the external battery.

The Meteor type of cabinet into which we build the Meteor Mipa is round in all 3 dimensions. This is part of the strategy that avoids standing waves inside and outside the cabinet. This cabinet is CNC milled out of wood and carefully hand finished.


Toroidal Silver Rock input transformer
Extremely low tempco and low tolerance resistors
Very low distortion power supply decoupling capacitors
Wired using Audio Consulting cotton/cryo silver wire for signal
Wired using very low DCR and very low inductance wire for battery supply and speaker output
Round wooden cabinets for low electromagnetic distortion and low pick up of air born vibrations
Special high frequency shielding
Low impedance Lithium battery power supply
WBT silver Nextgen speaker binding posts
70 w on a 3.5 ohms load

Lacquered black natural wooden chassis    48`500 CHF

Sunday, July 7, 2019