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Acora Acoustics SRC-2


Technology & Craftsmanship

We pay attention to the details.

​The Speaker Cabinet is one of the most overlooked, and least evolved component of the electromagnetic loudspeaker since the first successful speaker in the early 1920’s.

Combining engineering and design, we set about creating a new cabinet with the following criteria in mind.

The Ideal cabinet must:

Hold the speaker driver(s) and  fully stationary position on all planes.

Prevent the interaction of sound waves from the back and front of the speaker drivers

Produce no sound of its own. This includes cabinet vibrations and resonance.

Provide damping and tuning to the speaker system.

Provide the above functions and be inert to temperature and humidity changes.

Compliment any decor with a timeless design.

Granite is the highest density, toughest, and highest compressible strength material available. Due to its structure, it’s even tougher than diamond (albeit slightly less than diamond in sheer hardness). It is also much harder and has a far higher compressible strength than aluminum or even titanium.

The result is a cabinet that does not resonate in the frequencies it is designed to contain, holds the driver in an absolute fixed position, and does not allow for energy transfer or absorption.  Its mass makes it very stable. Our designs have a low center of gravity and spikes to further increase physical and sonic stability.

As a result, we don’t need to use internal bracing so that reflection of the sound wave back through the driver is greatly reduced with the least amount of turbulence in the cabinet. Non parallel wall enclosures are also employed in a sloped time aligned baffle array. This design moves the back wave away from the driver in an efficient manner. Carefully placed damping material is also employed only as needed.

2 Way Bass Reflex

2 x 7” Sandwich Paper Cone

1” Beryllium Dome Tweeter

4 ohm

10w - 250w

92.5 1w/1m

29Hz - 30KHz

High Polish Black Granite 3cm

35,5 x 46 x 109 cm

110 kg each

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Endow Audio FS301


Product Features:

Point Array technology (patent pending)
Passive Signal Processor (PSP) technology (patent pending)
Baffle available in either piano black or walnut
Genuine leather cabinet
Outboard passive crossover

Point Array Technology:

Array of full range drivers that emulate a point source.

New level of transparency and imaging for state-of-the-art speaker technology

Innovative technology assures no crossover in critical frequency range of 200 Hz to 5,000 Hz. Enabled by patent pending Active Loading technology:

Active Loading technology is superior to conventional sealed and vented loading methods. A single 8” driver actively loads the multiple radiating drivers so that they are well behaved near their resonant frequency range, allowing them to play down to 100 Hz.

Crossovers inherently impede imaging and transparency since different driver types reproduce different frequencies. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable when a note’s fundamental frequency is played by one driver type below the crossover, and that same note’s harmonics are played by a different driver type above the crossover. When the harmonics change, the character of the note changes. Active Loading enables a very low crossover which is below the critical listening frequency range.

Groundbreaking sonic wave technology emulates a mathematically perfect point source.

Through patent-pending technology:

Drivers arranged tightly in a hemisphere create a point source sonic wave.
Middle drivers are reversed to mitigate non-linear cone movement distortion and control dispersion. Voltage magnitude and timing are uniquely controlled as a function of frequency for each driver position to enhance the sonic wave.

Passive Signal Processor Technology (PSP):

Performs the electrical control functions of both the subwoofer and the full range array  utilizing only capacitors, inductors, and resistors.

Enabled by patent pending technology to control the voltage signal to the full range drivers. The PSP offers superior sonics relative to digital solutions.

Product Specs:

Nominal power handling: 300 Watts
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms
Peak output at 1 meter: 100 decibels
Woofer crossover: 100 hertz
Total cabinet weight: 90 pounds

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