Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fono Acustica new Armonica speaker cables

€16000 2m /pr

Hand-made thermo-treated precious metal conductors are blended in proprietary ratios. Air-insulated dielectrics with ultra-effective shielding and large vibration-isolating tubing are supplemented with external anti-resonant African hardwood blocks.

Terminations are via custom-made 24K gold-plated spades with African hardwood barrels and hand-soldered joints. Each signal phase runs separate cable legs and resonance blocks.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lector Audio Digicode S-192 Dac


The new Digicode S-192 digital tube D to A converter is based on R2R, high-resolution dac, output circuits is design around vacuum tube type miniwatt.

Digital signals are accepted up to 192 kHz 24-bit on all inputs, USB input too.

The Digicode S-192 is also equipped with word clock input and digital spdif output for general purpose application.

The digital inputs are:

Spdif IEC-958 as RCA connector @ resolution 192 Khz 24 bit
Spdif IEC-958 as BNC connector @ resolution 192 Khz 24 bit
AES-EBU AES-3 as XLR connector @ resolution 192 Khz 24 bit
Opto toslink digital input @ resolution 192 Khz 24 bit
Asyncronous USB PC/MAC input @ resolution 192 Khz 24 bit support stable KS/WASAPI protocol

Output / input digital services

Word Clock (W.C.) clock input
Spdif as BNC output

Analog output

Unbalanced output as 2.5 volt 250 ohm
Real balanced output as 2,5 volt 250 ohm


Input selector by sequential single shot by push button, led indicator for selected input.
Led indicator for analog and digital supply

Led lock for spdif/aes-ebu input
Separate power supply model PSU-DGC

Windows driver for XP/Vista/7
No any driver required for OSX-Apple mac computer ( the USB interface is native)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

FM Acoustics Resolution 233 Harmonic Linearizer

Price CHF 29000

The FM 233 Harmonic Linearizer allow precise correction and linearization of non-optimal recordings. They do this in an absolutely unique way. For the first time bad resonances, colouration, noise, obnoxious sound and other limitations are improved without affecting the balance of the audio signal. While the characteristics and transparency of the original signal is kept pristine, attenuated parts of the music spectrum can be strengthened.

The method of operation is rather intriguing as the entire audio signal takes a direct path from input to output. The improvement is achieved by a unique additive/subtractive Linearizer bank that corrects aberrations. Using just five controls, any frequency (or group of frequencies) in the entire audio band can be optimized without negative influence inflicted on the original audio signal. Furthermore, the signal always remains purely in the analogue domain.

When looking at the front panel one could be reminded of an equalizer. However, the Harmonic Linearizer's mode of operation is different and avoids all limitations. The FM 233 are not used like an equalizer as every control is dynamically interacting with the others in a unique linear multi-parameter process. There is no ripple in the pass band and no phase shift/discontinuity, both of which are unsolved problems of equalizers.

Massive improvements in the reproduction quality of CD, DVD, Tape, LP and any other source are now reality. The improvements are described anywhere from "truly amazing" to "incredible".
While some near perfect recordings will not need much linearization, good recordings will become great, mediocre recordings will become rather nice and some downright unlistenable recordings will become listenable. The improvements are rather intriguing and must be experienced to be fully realized.

Adjustment - 50Hz, 200Hz, 800Hz, 3,2Khz, 12,8Khz

Input/Output impedance - 100k/10ohm
Max input/output - 8,7V/19,5V

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AVM Ovation PA8



Tuesday, February 7, 2012