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Spectral DMA-300 RS and 400 RS Reference Series amplifiers

DMA-300 RS €23000
DMA-400 RS €43000 /pr

Spectral Audio is pleased to introduce the new DMA-300 Reference Standard amplifier, the second signature component in our Reference Standard line, Our first RS component, the DMA-400RS monaural amplifier marked the culmination of a multi-year research effort by our engineering team. Engineering director, Keith Johnson set as his goal for the new generation amplifier the elimination of subtle but intrusive energy storage artifacts occuring in active circuit devices. The solution, the creation of critical small scale driver and larger scale gain devices which exhibit virtually no energy storage or thermal tail memory represents a major advance in amplifier accuracy, and is fully implimented in the DMA-400 RS. Today, the DMA400 RS is recognized worldwide as an important breakthrough in high-end amplifier technology and a new reference for the most demanding system applications and the finest loudspeakers.

Upon finalization of the DMA-400 RS, Spectral engineers embarked on an even more challenging task, develop the first stereo reference standard from Spectral, and distill the unrivalled listening
experience of the DMA-400 into a single chassis component. Production cost or complexity would not be a concern.

- Replicate the unique "you are there" quality of the DMA-400.
- Parallel the extraordinary clarity and purity of the DMA-400.
- Equal the unprecedented settling accuracy and intertransient silence of the DMA-400.
- Achieve unmatched dynamic expression, drive and sonic "life" in a single chassis amplifier.

The DMA-300 RS is a high-tech showcase featuring cutting-edge component technologies from around the world. An exotic family of custom semiconductor devices and ultra-precision passive components has been developed with the assistance of some of the most advanced high-tech suppliers from the instrumentation, RF and microwave industries. In an approach similar to the DMA-400, unique high-speed transistors, exotic film capacitors, hand-calibrated resistors, high performance diodes and specialized magnetic components were all commissioned for Spectral's DMA-300 RS.

The result is a new standard for linearity and signal resolution in a stereo power amplifier. More important is the stunning natural clarity and listening involvement that results from these many advances. The DMA-300 RS reveals the true musical reality locked in fine recordings, a musical world that is absolutely compelling, immersive and more than a little addictive! The construction and component technologies of the DMA-300 Reference Standard are costly and select; they do not lend themselves to production efficiency, As a result, the DMA-300 RS will be hand-built in limited quantities similar to the DMA-400 RS monaural amplifier.

DMA-300 RS Specs

Power Output (continuous):
@ 8 ohms - 225 Watts RMS
@ 4 ohms - 410 Watts RMS
@ 2 ohms - 615 Watts RMS

Output Current:
60 Amps peak per channel

Frequency Response:
±0.1 dB, DC-150 KHz
±1 dB, DC-1 MHz
±3 dB, DC-1.8 MHz

Distortion Static:
Less than 0.015% from DC to 100 KHz, typically 0.009% @ 225 WRMS/8 ohms

Distortion Dynamic:
8 Tone Cluster Test 20 KHz
@ 500 Hz separation
0.01% 8 ohms
0.015% 4 ohms

Rise Time:
Less than 400 nanoseconds

1.5 microseconds to -40dB

Slew Rate:
600 volts/microsecond

Signal to Noise:
97dB unweighted, 107dB ASA A

102dB @ full power 8 ohms

Input Impedance:
10K ohms

1.5 volts/nominal output

Line Voltage:
100 volts, 120 volts, 220 volts (internal wiring)

AC Voltage Range:

Maximum Consumption:
1600 Watts

Quiescent Consumption:
250 Watts

Operating Temp:
0° to 50° Celsius range; 32° to 122° Fahrenheit

482 x 184x 458mm

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