Thursday, March 13, 2014

Playback Designs Integrated Playback System 3


The Playback Designs Integrated Playback System 3, also known as IPS-3, is three remarkable products in one: a proven world-class discrete dual differential Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) that is already found in other award winning Playback Designs products, a remote controlled analog preamplifier with a multitude of inputs and a class A/B analog amplifier with a nominal 130 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 260 watts per channel into 4 ohms, all fitted inside a compact and sleek chassis.


A proprietary USB interface allows a USB connection to music servers based on Windows, Mac or Linux platforms. All currently available music formats are supported for PCM and DSD. Any future format will be supported via firmware upgrade.


While other companies regularly release new versions of their products with increased prices, making their older products obsolete and of little value, Playback Designs does things quite differently. The IPS-3 is designed as a programmable platform, similar to a computer. Its firmware can be upgraded by the user, at any time, with new algorithms and features to keep it up-to-date with future trends and technologies.


Thanks to the high level of integration inside the IPS-3′s single chassis, signal paths are kept extremely short and connections to analog and digital playback sources simple – all this careful layout and attention to detail results in “goose bump” causing sonic performance.


To protect your system, we have created minimally invasive fault detection in the amplifier section of the IPS-3. This protects against clipping, voltage overload, DC offset, power failure and the overheating of internal electronics. Normally, fairly invasive circuitry has to be inserted into the signal path for such detection, resulting in a loss of sonic purity, but in the IPS-3 we use optical isolation to retain the true audio signal.


Analog Inputs:

2 unbalanced (RCA)
1 balanced (XLR)

Digital Inputs:

AES/EBU for PCM up to 24bits / 192kHz and DSD
Coax for PCM up to  24bits / 192kHz and DSD
USB for PCM up to 24bits / 384kHz
USB for DSD up to 6.1MHz
PLINK – Proprietary Optical Link

Digital Output:

PLINK – Proprietary Optical Link


USB Extender via optical cable (Up to 1000 feet)