Friday, March 14, 2014

Boulder 2160 - pictures

Every electronic circuit within the 2160 Stereo Amplifier is entirely new and all technological changes are primarily derived from Boulder’s 3050 Mono Amplifier.

Among the numerous changes and advances encompassed by the 2160 are:

Pure linear Class A operation. Bias current is actively monitored and adjusted in order to increase efficiency and reduce wasted radiated heat energy.

A new, high efficiency, microprocessor controlled standby mode reduces power consumption when engaged.

All electronic circuits and electronics are now surface-mount designs manufactured on Boulder’s own surface-mount manufacturing machines and ovens to increase reliability, consistency and optimized ground planing while at the same time reducing signal path length, PCB capacitance and noise radiation.

Gain stages within the 2160 are Boulder’s proprietary 99H2, which is unique to the 2100 Series amplifiers. 99H2 gain stages feature surface-mount electronic design and feature a new machined and potted housing to increase thermal stability.

The 2160 generate power output of up to 600 watts into any load, enabling massive current swings and the ability to drive any loudspeaker to realistic audio levels.