Friday, April 28, 2017

Viola Audio Laboratories Chorale

Podium Sound Point THREE


Engineered to perfection, the new Podium Sound Point THREE is lovingly crafted with meticulous attention to every detail.

The front and back plates of each loudspeaker are precision machined out of a single massive, solid wood block sourced exclusively from sustainable forests. As with the cabinet of a grand piano, our frame has been through many design iterations to deliver the warmth, strength and resonance of a perfectly tuned musical instrument.

The heart and soul of the loudspeaker, the resonating panel, is manufactured using aerospace-grade honeycomb panel cut to micrometer precision. It is then coated in our own special compound to provide a panel that has longevity, delicacy, and the resonant qualities of the greatest concert-grand pianos.

Every component is equally carefully selected for its quality to create an acoustic synergy when the final product is played in, from the medical-grade, ultra-pure wire to the marvelous Sheffield stainless steel chosen for our spikes and loudspeaker feet. After the internal components are mounted and tested, the two, massive halves are brought together and married to create a technically sublime modern classic.

The Podium Sound Point THREEs set the standard for resonating panel loudspeakers.

Technical details

Dimensions: 1184mm x 530mm x 340mm
Weight: 6kg each
Frame: precision machined hardwood and stainless steel
Sound Propagation: transverse wave resonating panel
Driver: 4 x Podium Sound designed transducers
Internal connections: 99.99% pure silver wire
Binding Posts: WBT
Cross-over: NONE
Overload protection circuit: NONE
Electronics: NONE
Speaker cloth: NONE
Impedance: 3.87ohm at 1000Hz
On Axis Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB (98dB SPL, 3 Meters)
30° off-axis Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB (98dB SPL, 3 Meters)
60° off-axis Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB (98dB SPL, 3 Meters)

Wilson Benesch Resolution


Official Launch: Munich HIGH END, 18-21 May 2017, Room E223, Atrium 4.2
USA Launch: Los Angeles Audio Show, 2-4 June 2017, Room 424

Introducing Resolution Floorstanding Loudspeakers: Designed for the Ultimate Listening Experience
Resolution is the latest loudspeaker from the Wilson Benesch loudspeaker line ‘Geometry Series’. Designed and engineered at the Wilson Benesch manufacturing facility in England. Resolution incorporates the company’s state-of-the-art drive technology in a unique high-tech enclosure, formed from a carbon fibre composite monocoque and precision machined metal-alloy components. Market leader in execution, time and phase coherence, signal-noise ratio and ultimate high fidelity audio performance.

Aesthetic Execution
The Geometry Series has been developed using advanced Dassault 3D CAD/CAM systems, used exclusively within the development of formula one and aerospace technologies. In these industries, uncompromising design and ultimate performance are axiomatic and appreciated by the untrained eye. The Resolution is no different, its form follows function, giving rise to the curved, sculptured forms seen in the carbon fibre top or the curved composite enclosure. These forms increase the enclosure stiffness and reduce the incidence of standing waves in the listening environment, giving rise to the most inert and inaudible loudspeaker cabinet in the industry. As a result the Resolution disappears, stealth like, within the listening room leaving only you and the music.

Advanced Composite Technology
Recognised as the pioneer and leader in the use of carbon fibre composites in loudspeaker and turntable design, Wilson Benesch have three-decades of expertise in the field. Combining complex geometry and component design with carbon composite – metal alloy materials, provides the Wilson Benesch team with a number of advantages. Principally, the enclosure is one of the stiffest, most highly damped loudspeaker enclosures ever created. Additionally, carbon fibre enabled Wilson Benesch to design an enclosure with complete absence of internal bracing, affording the drive technology in its chassis, unrivalled control. The Resolution is powerful and dynamic, yet composed, uncluttered and aesthetically beautiful.

Advanced Acoustic Design
Resolution, is equipped with the latest Wilson Benesch drive technologies, that have been designed, developed and manufactured by the company’s design team. Both the Tactic-II dynamic drive unit and the Semisphere Tweeter are built using powerful NdFeb magnets. The magnets are assembled within highly engineered, low-profile alloy structures designed to extract maximum power from the exotic magnets.

Wilson Benesch utilise Isotactic Polypropylene in the Tactic-II and a Silk-Carbon hybrid dome in the Semisphere. The choice of materials within the membrane of the drive technology is critical to the character of the Resolution, providing an intelligently considered balance of stiffness and damping characteristics. The Resolution is capable of producing a wide bandwidth frequency response from 30Hz to 30kHz, whilst remaining transparent and integrated across the band, suspending belief and allowing the listener to disappear within a wide-open soundscape.

You and the Music
With a complement of 12 Tactic-II dynamic drive units and 2 Semisphere Tweeters per pair, the Resolution is a complex loudspeaker design. Within this complexity exists order and harmony in the drive unit topology. In the midrange and high frequency, Wilson Benesch place an upper and lower midrange drive unit either side of the Semisphere Tweeter in an arrangement known as the Troika System, delivering perfect time and phase coherence.

Bass is delivered by 4 Tactic-II dynamic drive units forming 2 clamshell Isobaric Drive Systems. The execution of the Isobaric Drive System in the Resolution is striking. It is indicative of the function of this powerful system in the creation of low frequency sound, providing the listener with all the excitement and physical impact expected of a low frequency signal.

Engineered For You
Every Geometry Series loudspeaker is handmade to order. The sculptured carbon fibre top and carbon fibre enclosure combines with an aerospace Silk Black baffle and foot. The Resolution can be engineered, with a range of bespoke high gloss polymers, stunning natural wood veneers and P1 coloured carbon fibre finishes to give the loudspeaker an identity unique to its owner.


Sensitivity: 90dB
Impedance: 6 Ohms Nom. / 3 Ohms. Min
Frequency Response: 30Hz – 30kHz
Dimensions: 159cm (60”) H x 52cm (20.5”) W x 54.7cm (21.5”) D
Weight: 90kg / 198.4 lbs

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sennheiser new headphone

Metaxas & Sins The Macrophones

Mimicking the inverse of the microphones used in purist recordings, the "Macrophones" are mini-monitors designed to be used to seriously monitor recording/playback, which can be scaled with the addition of "modules" to become as miniature for location work to as grand as is necessary for studio or home playback.

They were specifically developed to monitor location recording work for the perfect positioning of microphones in 3D space and to help the recording engineer stereo mix the 4-5 microphone channels in real time to a stereo analogue tape.

Each macrophone is machined in two halves forming an ideal shape to mount the Accuton ceramic drivers and reduce cabinet colourations. The solid CNC-machined solid aluminium essentially extends the ceramic cone supports from the rigid speaker baskets to the entire cabinet.

A pair of Macrophones can fit into a Pelican 1600 series case to be bumped in and out of the most important acoustic venues, in the world - Abbey Rd, Musikverein, Concertgebouw or Carnegie Hall.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Metaxas & Sins Sirens speakers

With more than a passing reference to Homer's Odyssey, the apt metaphor is testimony to the sheer musicality and realism that allows this potent 3-way system, CNC carved from a block of solid aluminium [or titanium] to engage and captivate it's audience with its sound and to invigorate the mind with it's extreme sculptural aesthetic.

Using ideas borrowed from Neumann TLM 50 and M150 microphones, the SIREN embeds the Accuton drivers into spheres mounted onto an organic "time-aligned" sculpture. Despite the unique and unusual shape, the design is a seriously engineered, no-compromise loudspeaker with emphasis on absolute sound quality.

Accuton ultra-low colouration ceramic drivers are used in some of the most expensive systems currently available, but it's only when you marry them to a curvacious, stiff, inert massive machined "body" that you can really hear - and probably for the first time appreciate, their sheer neutrality.

FUTURE PROOF. In a true "bespoke" manner, the actual configuration of drivers can be chosen, Since there are different "levels" of Accuton ceramic drivers , up to and including their ultra-expensive "diamond" tweeter, the customer has a choice of which tweeter, midrange and 8" woofer they would prefer to use now, or in the future.

Riviera APV-01 & AFM-50

Preamplifier line in a single frame, with an audio circuitry entirely valves, Zero Feedback and in Class A, completed by a solid state stabilized power supply with a non-conventional circuit. For those who want a no-compromise results.

All tube audio circuit
Zero Feedback
In Class A
Solid state stabilized power supply with a non-conventional circuit
5 inputs unbalanced line
2 balanced line inputs
1 Aux customizable
Input / Output Tape
2 line outputs (suitable for multi-amplification)
Remote control for all functions

Final Hybrid Amplifier mono, Zero Feedback and Pure Class A offers 50W into 8 ohms and is capable of driving the speakers with maximum naturalness.

Deliberately devoid of current limitation systems, does not fear the most complex loads.

The refinement and driving capability they suggest the use in multi-amplified systems, this provides for the entrance of the filters, disconnectable, to achieve assisted passive multiamplification.

50W Power (8 ohms)
Zero Feedback
In Pure Class A
Hybrid circuit
1 line RCA input
1 balanced input
Ability to insert for input filters for multi-amplification

MFE Technology Jericho

Max power output - 1000 watt
Weight - 2x55 kg

Friday, April 21, 2017

D'Agostino Progression Stereo amplifier

Design thought from Dan, "With the Progression series, we focused on creating amplifiers that deliver our performance and power delivery at a lower price. The Progression Stereo amplifier takes advantage of our new Super Rail technology which lifted the amplifier's sound quality beyond my expectations."

Abundant power is required for realistic sound quality and is a cornerstone of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems' amplifier design. The Progression Stereo is conservatively rated at 300 Watts into 8 Ohms and delivers 600 Watts into 4 Ohms, and properly doubles its output again into 2 Ohms, with a 1,200 Watt power output.

The Progression Stereo amplifier will retail for $22,000 USD.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Boulder 3010

All current features of the 2110 Preamplifier will be included in the 3010 Preamplifier. In addition, there will be new circuitry and control features added to the 3010.

Some of the features of the 3010 Preamplifier will include:

• A new, matched, dual-phase gain stage in a single housing

• Three independent balanced outputs with a variety of configurations

• Full-time balance control

• A separate control to trim the gain on the currently selected input

• Mono function

• Six buffered, balanced analog inputs

• A large, full-color LCD display to clearly indicate all functions and settings

• Separate enclosure for left and right analog output sections

• Fully isolated power supply chassis

• Ethernet connection for integration with IP control systems and future updates


Preamp chassis: 19”W x 18”D x 9.25”H Power supply chassis: 19”W x 18”D x 5.05”H

The U.S. retail price for the 3010 Preamplifier will be $110,000 + Taxes.

AVID Reference Subwoofer


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Wolf von Langa Audio Frame X



Friday, April 14, 2017

Boenicke Audio E2 integrated amplifier

Our new all-in-one electronics (integrated amplifier with optionally built-in D/A converter and phono stage) solution will be born soon.

We'll launch 18th of May in Munich’s high end show.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Conrad-Johnson ART150 & ART300 40th Anniversary amplifiers

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of conrad-johnson design inc. and to celebrate, we are introducing two new anniversary tube amplifiers – the ART150 and ART300. These amplifiers employ the recently developed KT150 output tubes.

A single pair of KT150s produces 150 Watts per channel in the ART150 stereo amplifier, while two pair produce 300 Watts in the ART300 mono-block.

In addition to utilizing the KT150 output tubes, the ART150 and ART300 feature new input and inverter stages using 6922s for voltage gain, main power supply reservoirs boasting a more than ten-fold increase in total capacitance compared to our earlier ART mono-blocks and ARTSA amplifiers, and a new regulator circuit for the input stage power supply.

ART150s are expected to be available for delivery by mid-May, with ART300s to follow a few weeks after. As with earlier anniversary products, production will be limited to 250 units of the ART150 and 125 pairs of the ART300. Projected US suggested retail prices are $18,500 for the ART150 and $18,000 each for the ART300s.

These new models will replace the now discontinued ARTSA and ART mono-blocks.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Laboratorio Audio Jolie

Simply modern, elegant, rigorous, with a strong personality.

Built with an innovative technology, never used before, it can boast a powerful sound, clear and extremely real, with such a scene reconstruction that has no equals.

Unique of its kind, Jolie can satisfy the most expert audiophile, but also those who live the design.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Silbatone RP-300 MK2

The new SET 300B amplifier, using the patented NeoHybrid high current design.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Woo Audio WA33 Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier


Technical Specifications:

Four 2A3 power tubes in matched quad
Four 6C45 driver tubes in matched quad
One 5U4G rectifier tubes

Voltage: AC 110/220V, 50/60 Hz

Headphone Amplifier Specifications:

Headphones impedance : 8—600 Ohms
Signal/Noise: >= 95 dB

Standard Features:

Fully Balanced Direct-Heated Triode, Class A, Output-transformer design
Point-to-Point wiring
User selectable High or Low IMPEDANCE
User selectable High or Low LEVEL headphone output