Monday, March 3, 2014

CH Precision C1 Digital to Analog Controller

Designed for the true music lover, the C1's apparent simplicity hides highly sophisticated technological solutions with the single goal of recreating the full musical experience. This emotion can only be achieved when both level and time information are properly reconstructed from the digital data. And this is what the C1 is all about...

The C1 is based on a fully modular, future-proof architecture. Inputs boards (up to 3) include standard digital inputs complemented by the proprietary CH-Link interface. The CH-Link interface allows for synchronized transfer of High Definition audio content and control over a single connection and is the optimal link between the C1 and the matching D1.

Based on a DSP assisted multiple R2R topology, the C1 Digital to Analog Controller embodies state-of-the-art digital to analog to conversion combined with advanced digital volume control and innovative clocking schemes.


A C1 user with X1 external PSU comment:

"Well the improvement with the X1 is quite substantial! I am quite surprised. It has taken the C1 to a different level. The sound is smoother, more analog, lower noise floor, more dynamic, including micro dynamics, a lot more details. Soundstage is wider. In all respects, just much much better."

Without X1 C1 beats dCS Vivaldi and MSB Diamond, with X1 C1 now also beats Trinity Dac.