Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

FM Acoustics 268 receives the Golden award for best performance

FM ACOUSTICS receives the award for the "BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR 2011"

One beautiful compliment but what makes this truly extraordinary: the award is for the FM 268 Line stage / Harmonic Linearizer

- and the FM 268 has been crafted continuously for no less than 10 years!

An award for a design that has been around for such a while... it must be a rather special unit...

This just proves once again how good an investment an FM ACOUSTICS really is.

It was advised that this award is decided upon not just by a single person but is the result of polls from music lovers, listener's comments from the presentation at the recent high end show and the verdict of a group of audio connoisseurs.

With it's unique characteristics and built-in Harmonic Linearizer the FM 268 convinces everyone.
It truly is one marvellous piece of audio jewellery.