Thursday, March 27, 2014

Aries Cerat Ianus hybrid monoblock amplifiers

3 Pillars of Audio Novelty

1.The active components used in the output stage, is something completely unique in the audio industry and not only the Technology used, is a blend of  hollow state and solid state. This is not another tube-driving-transistor topology. The tube, mosfet along with special circuitry, are combined to form a new component, the Triode-fet.

The active component does behave like a tube, in aspects of  linearity ,presence of internal resistance, yet at the same time having mosfet-like current capabilities.

2.The topology used in the Ianus mono-blocks are of unique design. The topology belongs to the Circlotron-esque family, but vastly improved, in terms of distortion, output impedance and reliability.

The topology is a Super-Symmetric Self Balancing inductively driven Circlotron. Zero feedback loops are used, either local or global.

3.The Ianus amplifiers may be the only Class A which does operate in strict Class A region for the entire power range, even in 4ohms loads.

Almost every other Class A amplifier on the market ,in the >100W region does only deliver 20-40W or Class A power,and half of that in 4 ohm loads. Most of the market’s top shelf “Class A” amplifiers are biased at 1-3 Amperes max, delivering  4-36W at 8ohms and 2-18ohms of true Class A power.

The Ianus output stage is biased at 10Amperes per channel, so it does never leave the Class A region, whatever the power output level,in 8 or 4 ohms load.

Input stage

The input stage consists of a transformer loaded E280F super-tube, and provides a true balanced signal to the output stage.

The transformer that is used to load the Siemens E280F,is of highest quality, and is specially winded to provide perfect balanced signal, without and phase-shift between the inverted and non-inverted signal, which is usually present in other methods of converting unbalanced signal to true balanced signal.

Power supplies

The monoblock amplifiers are built around four complete separate floating power supplies.40 high current ,high capacitance capacitors are used, and each bank is choke regulated, using four massive chokes. Each choke can withstand over 5 Amperes of Dc current, which dictates the use of very large cores. Size wise, each of the chokes compares to 1KV power transformers used by competitors.

The Pi filter used for noise reduction and energy storage, is carefully tuned to form a complete sonic black background, at the same time providing lighting fast energy storage for the output stage.

The Tube input circuits use their own separate choke regulated power supplies.


Power at 8/4 ohm

Can drive down to 0.5 ohm

Zero feedback

33 dB                                                

100 dB                                              

Full power bandwidth

Damping factor

Idle power consumption per channel
450W-600W (depending on bias)

Idle current
6+6 Ampere (12 A per channel)

Tube count per channel
3 X E280F Siemens tubes

490mmW X 330mmD X 640mmH

85Kg per monoblock