Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Esprit Lumina cables

€3400 - 2x1,2m

€3700 - 2x1,2m

Spdif/AES - €2600/2700 - 1m

€4100 - 2x2m

€3400 - 1,5m

Intended for the best systems, the Lumina range concedes nothing and is moving towards absolutely full respect for the music, pushing further the limits of transparency. It inherits 90% of the technology of the 2010 Gaia line.

For this elite line, we see the symmetrical structure and the non-resonant asymmetric dielectric. The number of strands passes to 1230. The double progressive shielding on air, with integral optical cover, is this time supported by five-layer air insulation. To potentiate its action, a lithium battery polarizes the dielectric.

Regarding the speaker cable, the structure now adopts 6600 strands of long crystals pure copper, coupled with all the features already present on Aura.