Thursday, January 30, 2014

EMMESpeakers Galileo

Preliminary technical data:

3 way floorstanding loudspeaker
Sealed box
4 - 10” - 290 mm rear Aluminium Woofer
2 - 5” - 124 mm Accuton CELL ceramic Midwoofer
1 - 1,2” - 30 mm Accuton CELL ceramic Tweeter
Sensitivity 86 db
Power Handling 300 watt
Nominal impedance 6 Ohm
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20Khz
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1490mm x 386mm x 452mm
Net weight (per unit): 80 kg

Available starting May 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

JMF Audio PCD302 Power Line Filter and Distributor

As much optimized an audio system can be it will never reveal its full potential without a clean mains power supply. Following the success of the PC3 power cord for the significant sound quality improvement that comes along, JMF Audio brings a total answer: the PCD302 power line filter and distributor, world first concept!

The PCD302's exclusive bi-directional and independent filtering principle suppresses power line disturbances coming from the outside as well as interactions between audio gears.

Dual mono concept

Each mono section powered through an attached JMF Audio PC3 cord

Phase detection on each input

Bi-directional JMF Audio BDF223 filtering!

The PCD302 contains 6 enormous, hand wrapped, potted BDF223 filters

10 filtered outputs of which 6 are totally independent

Sequential power output to reduce in-rush currents on the mains

Case and front panel size identical to the JMF Audio power amplifiers

A single front panel button to power-on and power-off the main power supply

Mounted on sub-chassis, acoustically floating, vibration free

Soundproof case

Total power handling: over 7kW

Operation from 100 to 240VAC automatic

Elegant concept:

With a simple gesture, on its front panel button, the PCD302 can start up and power down an entire JMF Audio setup, without risk of power line shutdown, without risk of "pop" in the speakers.
The sequential output power-up ensures a spread of in-rush currents over time.
The PCD302 is built around the same chassis as the JMF Audio power amplifiers, for a coherent stacking.

Simplicity of installation:

Two indicators on the rear panel light up to warn in case of phase reversal.
The operation from 100 to 240V AC, without servicing, makes installation internationally easy and safe.
Clear and extensive owner's manual provided.

Technical specs :

Input current max 32A in total (16A nominal on each input)
Output power max 7kW in total (3.5kW per channel / 230V)
Input power cord JMF Audio PC3 attached for each channel
Output socket Shuko Europe (US version possible on special order)
Power-up type Sequential, from left to right
Input voltage range 100V to 230V AC (automatic, no servicing needed)
Case  19" size identical to HQS6002 and HQS7001 amplifiers
Weight 23kg

Finishes Aluminum machined, brushed, anodized, or wood walnut laser engraved

Monday, January 27, 2014

Titan Audio Nemesis



Sunday, January 26, 2014

Graaf GM 400 amplifier


In 2014 GRAAF will have its 30th anniversary. To celebrate this they will release state of the art full balanced vacuum tube Preamplifier followed by other products.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Polymer Audio Master


The Master is a mind boggling advance in loudspeaker art and engineering. A world first, the Master utilizes a dual diamond midrange mounted in an MTM configuration which effectively doubles the cone area of the diamond cones. The total surface area used for midrange reproduction is 48cm² of pure diamond. No other loudspeaker in the world today has been constructed to this level of ambition.

The advantages of increased surface area and this type of mounting creates further benefits from the already extraordinary diamond cone, the excursion is reduced in half and the larger surface area can push air in a way that closely mimics a live performance in a wide range of listening environments. The MTM mounting configuration tightly clustered around the tweeter creates a stable spherical radiation pattern that has never been accomplished before with diamond transducers.

An entirely new baffle surface has been developed just for the Master using a metal alloy that is 3.5 times stiffer than aircraft aluminum materials and simultaneously more damped. This eliminates the potential ringing inherent in aluminum and other metals and is the last word in mechanical distortion. The baffle surface has a complex three-dimensional shape to eliminate time smear caused by diffraction which scatters energy and inlaid merino wool absorbs it.

The mibass drivers used in this design have the lowest moving mass for a driver of its size and use a voice coil construction technique that enables a transient response typically characteristic of the best tweeters.

The crossover is a completely outboard structure using the world’s best components. Each crossover cabinet weighs 120lbs and is constructed to completely eliminate mechanical and electrical distortion bringing the noise floor to an absolute ideal. Following our design philosophy the crossover provides steep filter slopes while retaining a minimal parts count (half of what would normally be required). All of our crossovers include time alignment which is achieved entirely in the electrical domain through a passive network which provides the benefits of digital equalization but retains the purity of the best passive networks with short signal paths.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Silbatone L-105 Preamplifier


L105 Line Amplifier is an innovative adaptation of the symmetrical,fully balanced circuits used in classic tube studio gear.

A balanced FET input stage drives a differential 8416 triode stage which is buffered by balanced parallel JFETs. The output is servo-controlled to avoid the need for output capacitors. Remote control is provided for source selection and volume control, provided by a Tokyo-Kouon broadcast grade attenuator.

All audio cabling is silver litz. The 8416 triode is a super tube and it sets the character of the L105 in a region that is certain to please music lovers from both sides of the tube/transistor discourse.

Output impedance - 200 ohm
Input impedance - 47 k

BMC Pure Vox


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

IsoTek EVO3 Mosaic Genesis


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tidal La Assoluta

We think it is meaningless to claim and promise it will be another best speaker in the world, since this approach is covered by many nice products already. We had something slightly different in mind: a game changer. Even for us.

The heart of this speaker is the most exclusive driver in this world, something never done before in speaker history and only to find in this speaker - the very first and only pure diamond diaphragm midrange-woofer in the world.

This driver is able to cover a bandwidth range which was so far impossible to think of, so we will cover the whole frequency range from the upper bass till the highest trebles absolutely time coherent and with a linear frequency response with the most perfect diaphragm material at all: pure diamond. And this is just the beginning of this story.... More coming soon.

APL DSD-H Headamp


Monday, January 20, 2014

Wells Audio Innamorata Signature

The Innamorata Signature is our latest offering. It is the ultimate realization of the Innamorata design featuring the best capacitors available for the input coupling caps, all WBT Nextgen terminations, cryogenically treated transformers, fast recovery diode bridges, an additional Bybee purifier on the ground and an IPC Energy Booster mounted beneath the power supply board.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finitus Puralio Preamplifier


Optional - Remobo remote control - €735

Designed by Bert Gerlach, who also designed Playback Designs 5-series analog stage.


Mola-Mola New DAC Prototype

From Stereophile:

The stack of boards is a working prototype. The final design will fit flat in a typical chassis.

Mola-Mola's Bruno Putzeys says that he wants to leapfrog the idea of incremental DAC design and create a product that puts us a decade down the road in one jump. To that end, he was showing off a prototype design that he has working, but not fit into a product yet. He adds that it should be ready in about a year.

The soft spoken Putzeys, from the Netherlands, was stationed in Philip O'Hanlon's On a Higher Note suite atop the Mirage hotel, and handed me a brochure and pointed out some details. "Some things can't be done with off the shelf chips. Today's best DAC chip claims no better than 22 bits worth of dynamic range. Mola-Mola's DAC is designed from the ground up using circuits and digital algorithms developed in-house."

Putzeys said the new design is equivalent to 8xDSD.

Emm Labs MTRX

$130,000 /pr

EMM Labs celebrates the eagerly anticipated return of designer Ed Meitner to the world of power amplifiers with the debut of his MTRX reference monoblocks. It has been twenty years since the last Meitner audiophile amp and the MTRX is well worth the wait. More than a decade in the making these 1500W Class A/B solid-state powerhouses are able to drive the most fiendish and complex speaker loads effortlessly, while sounding as sweet, musical and detailed as a classic single-ended triode tube amps. "It is truly a gentle giant," said Ed Meitner.

The MTRX monoblocks achieve their superlative performance and transparency using 21st century technology with proprietary Meitner circuit topologies and zero overall negative feedback. These systems are fully discrete, offering ultra low distortion, very high bandwidth with the ability to deliver huge and instantaneous output currents. The MTRX monoblocks are designed with short and fully balanced audio paths, impeccable speaker protection and self-protection.

Conservatively rated at 750W into 8 Ohms, 1500W into 4 Ohms and they are capable to drive loads well below 2 Ohms impedance effortlessly.

Available in very limited yearly pre-ordered production. Ultrafine CNC finish in silver and black with customers choice of 24K Gold (hard coated plating), Silver (deep nickel plating) and Titanium (dark grey brushed aluminum) center inserts and buttons.

EMM Labs MTRX mono-block reference amplifiers $130,000 US per stereo pair or $75,000 US per monoblock.

Nagra HD DAC

€20000 with 2 x ACPS II power supplies; €23000 with MPS and 2 x 1.25m DC cables.

Friday, January 17, 2014