Tuesday, March 18, 2014

APL DTR-M Transport

The long wait is over! The new DTR-M digital transport is now a reality!

Those of you who have sold their shiny discs and went to computer-based audio can only feel sorry. There is no computer setup capable of outperforming the DTR-M, which is against the popular belief, of course. But wait until you hear it!

I do have a super-computer here that sound amazing, but it really lacks in terms of "Analog-like" sound against the DTR-M.

Some features include oversized, all-linear power supply, ultra-low-jitter clocking and re-clocking, proprietary PCM to DSD conversion for CD at DSD256 rate (13.5MHz), Pure DSD processing for SACD, ultra-massive composite support for the disc spinner made of thick aluminum and acrylic that reduces vibrations to minimum.

All in all, the DTR-M is an incredible achievement, capable of CD and SACD playback with unheard before, stunning audio quality that is in a class of its own.