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ESD Acoustic DA-1


DA-1 is equipped with an ultra-low jitter clock source coupling with patented clock circuit suspension mechanism, guaranteeing a balanced and natural sound. The analog process is done by discrete Class-A circuits.

Each of the input port has its own isolation circuitry, protecting the signal from ground noise. This not only improves sound quality, but also helps this DAC stably support DSD512 format and 768 KHz PCM.

THD+N: -112dB (Testing BW:DC~22kHz non-weighted)

Master Clock Jitter: 80fs RMS

Input: 2×AES , 1×COAX ,1×BNC, 1×TOSLINK, 1×USB,1×HDMI(I2S format)

Format: S/PDIF port up to 192Khz PCM, USB and HDMI port up to 768KHz PCM and DSD512

Output Impedance: 200 ohm

ESD Acoustic DPA-1


DPA-1 is a fully balanced pre-amplifier. The stereo operation is done by two independent non-feed-back amplifier circuit.

The exotic components assured enough bandwidth, ultra-low distortion and noise floor, even when there is no feedback applied.

Its constant impedance volume adjustment circuit is made by a network of precision resistors, which helps this pre-amp to perform exceedingly across the entire volume range.

THD+N: -118db (Testing BW: DC~22Khz, Non-weighted)

Input: 5×XLR, 1×RCA

Output: 1×XLR

Input Impedance: 100kΩ

Output Impedance: 66Ω

Volume Adjustment Resolution: 1db, 40step

Gain: 0db, +12db, +20db selectable and pre-programmable for each input source.

ESD Acoustic D100W

$10000 /pr

D100W is a pure Class-A monoblock amplifier that runs with 3A bias current and 150W static power consumption.

It is equipped with two regulated power supplies of 200W power reserve, and an 80,000μF ultra-low resistance reservoir capacitors composing of 36 high performance capacitors coupling with specially made noise-resistant choke to form a CLC filter. All these result in the very high resolution of this amplifier.

Any brilliance or flaws in the recordings will not escape your ears.

Gain: 20db

BW: DC~200KHz

THD+N: -80db (DC~22Khz non-weighted)

Input: 1×XLR

Input Impedance: 10KΩ

Rated Output Power: 20W

Peak Output Power: 200W

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Troy Audio Achilles

The Achilles is our reinterpretation of a loudspeaker whose sound quality is not compromised by any size. We have incorporated the incredible 212 driver, developed several decades ago by Altec and now improved and manufactured by Great Plains Audio as the 212-8A, into a cabinet large enough to deliver an unprecedented quality of bass response.

Our designers worked hard to create the best crossover, and for this they used only Mundorf Supreme Silver Gold Oil coils and capacitors.

The Achilles embodies the idea of “less is more.” Its captivating and exuberant sound surpasses the perception of the physical space it occupies.

In Greek mythology, Achilles represents lightness and strength. We couldn’t have chosen a better name to describe the sound of this loudspeaker, which will take your breath away.

Unique and balanced tone and musical character

Organic wood, organic sound

Handmade without industrial or automated processes

Designed with a great passion for sound reproduction

Designed with the idea of achieving maximum musical emotion

Creates music with a very wide soundstage without side or rear drivers

Impressive macro- and microdynamics

37mm-thick Russian Baltic Birch marine plywood with extensive internal bracing

Screwless wooden cabinet

Available in natural wood veneers; matte or high-gloss finishes

Customers can also custom-order a variety of other RAL colors and textures, from classic to avant-garde to automotive paint finishes

12″ Full-range and high-frequency compression driver with custom horn in coaxial configuration

Horn super tweeter (alnico magnet)

Custom crossover with premium Mundorf Supreme Silver Gold Oil capacitors

Sensitivity: greater than 100dB

Engineered and handcrafted in Mexico

Height: 1475mm (58")
Width: 410mm (16")
Depth: 500mm (20")

120 kg (265 lb)

D'Agostino Relentless at Paragon Sight & Sound

PMC Fenestria speakers Festival of Sound 2018

Gruensch Grand Reference


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Delta Sigma Capriccio mk II power amplifier

Power output 8 ohm 120 watt, max 300 watt.