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Audio Exklusiv R7


Saturday, April 13, 2019

Thorens TM 1600

The new Thorens TM 1600 comes in a plinth very similar to that of new TD 1600 series record players in black high gloss or walnut high gloss. It’s designed as playback device for half track quarter inch tape.

Base for the new machine is the newly developed very compact tape drive from Ballfinger. Within its 50 mm height it gives a freedom of design that has not been seen before. Nevertheless it contains direct drive motors with tension controls for the reels. To keep the whole drive as compact as possible the tape path geometry was totally new designed. So the sensors are not located below the reels as normally but between them above the heads.

The tape machine is driven by three motors. The reel motors are electronically commuted disc motors that use rotor angle detection by hall sensor feedback. The capstan motor is an ironless bell-shaped rotor motor from a German manufacturer that runs a round belt.

Although very compact these motors supply an enormous torque with very small torque variation and are very silent running. Head and capstan motor could be placed far from each other to generate a very high signal to noise ratio. Additionally power supply is outsourced which reduces noise level even more and so extensive measures for magnetic shielding of the heads could be avoided.

Thorens TM 1600 handles reels up to 10.5” with 19 and 38 cm/s. CCIR equalization for most European recordings and NAB for Americas and Asia can be selected.

The tape machine comes with real time counter with hours/minutes/seconds/hundredth seconds and as common with professional studio machines there is an edit function with pre-listening for single hand operation.

Generally Thorens TM 1600 has been designed for horizontal operation. But it’s prepared for wall mounting, too.

Availability and Price of Thorens TM 1600

Thorens TM 1600 will be available from summer 2020. Plinth and dust cover are the same as on the new record players TD1600/1601.

The tape machine will be presented on German High End 2019 show in Munich. Later 100 pieces will be manufactured as special edition individually numbered. Price will be € 11.999,00 (RRP).
Manufacturing will take place in Duesseldorf, Germany in cooperation with Ballfinger and RecordingTheMasters, vendor of analogue tape located in Avranches, France.

With launch of TM 1600 in summer 2020 by Thorens a new long overdue chapter of analogue tape recording is written. For decades tapes were the only available medium for music production and recording that gave long playing times without need to change from side A to B. Later digital technology drove out the expensive and very complex tape machines from recording studios and private homes. But todays fantastic rebirth of vinyl and tape proves the world isn’t that simple and music cannot be reduced only to sounds – no matter how high the tonal quality is.

Boulder 1161 Stereo Power Amplifier


Continuous Power, Each Channel:

150w into 8 ohms   THD 20-20kHz 0.0008%

150w into 4 ohms   THD 20-20kHz 0.0012%

150w into 2 ohms   THD 20-20kHz 0.0018%

Peak Power, Each Channel:

150w into 8 ohms

300w into 4 ohms

600w into 2 ohms

Equivalent Input Noise (EIN), 20kHz Bandwidth:   1.5uV

Magnitude Response, 20 to 20kHz:  +0.00, -0.04 dB

Magnitude Response -3dB at: 0.015Hz, 200kHz

Voltage Gain: 26dB

Input Impedance:  Balanced: 200k ohms,  Unbalanced: 100k ohms

Common Mode Rejection (Balanced Only):   60Hz 90dB

Inputs: 3 pin balanced XLR

Output Connectors: 6mm/0.25 inch wingscrews

Power Requirements: 100, 110-120, & 220-240 VAC 50-60Hz, 100W Nominal, 1000W at Max output

Totaldac Amp-1


Preliminary specifications:

Stereo power amplifier

RCA inputs

Large Mundorf binding posts

No global feedback

Fully discrete design

Triode input and solid state output

Class AB with medium level of class A for moderate heat

2500VA and 26kg "live-power" proprietary power supply transformer

2*150W under 8ohm

2*270W under 4ohm

2*500W under 2ohm

Stable under 1ohm

28dB gain

1.5V sensitivity

47Kohm input impedance

Frequency bandwidth at -3dB: 0.06Hz to 120KHz

250mm height including feet

483mm width

453mm depth including connectors

Weight approx 50kg

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Gryphon Ethos CD player



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Blumenhofer Classics 1743

Principle: 4 unit, 3-Way system
Efficiency: 97 dB
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency Responce: 25 Hz- 25 kHz +/- 3 dB
Size (HxWxD): 123 cm x 85 cm x 48 cm

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Blumenhofer Classics 1733


Other models:

1722 - €8000
1743 - €30000

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Merason DAC-1


Monday, March 18, 2019

TechDAS Air Force Zero

Price  40 million yen.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

VREL Electroacoustics

The bequadro (R) loudspeaker system, operate with modified dipolar functionality, the system is offered for hi-end stereo systems, or multi-channel sound application.

Unpublished scalar system, based on 4 sizes of base speakers, called bequadro (bequadro one, two, three and four) which plans to upgrade with side extenders (SMES, scalar mutual extension system) called gravis, and two types of central vox channels (vox alpha and beta). All the systems are dipolar.

Bequadro is presented as a listening experience, rather than a product itself, and is based on precise specifications: absence of listening fatigue, substantial enjoyment of the musical program, even outside of the canonical session (which otherwise obliges the listener not to do more ... than to listen), astonished correctness timbre, high dynamic capacity, possibility of upgrade (SMES (R), possibility of use in medians positions (complete emission also posteriorly) typical conditions into open space living room.

Technically, use of broadband electrodynamic loudspeakers, assisted by a constant directivity horn, drived by a particular dipolar speaker (HDPP VREL (R) for the high range.

Units used: 2 or 3 10 "or 15" units, VREL 255 and 385, depending on the model, and same high HDPP unit for all types.

All speakers are built by VREL, handmades and tuned in our facility, with features and peculiarities also in course of patent, to adapt perfectly to the dipolar emission requirements.

The body wood structure is built with customized poplar sheets glued with alkyd resins (no conventional multilayer is used). External finishes with precious woods, natural finished not colored, have only aesthetic functions, various finishes and colors available, even for the front panels and the grids.

Bequadro is also an interesting product in the professional field, for reinforcement, for monitoring and for cinema, theaters or auditoriums.

Type of materials, aesthetics, construction, philosophy, feeling:
Components that should interest and involve tastes, and the needs of the todays audiophile, from the younger looking for the shine of the past, to the mature looking for vintage.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

A for Ara

A for Ara is our best attempt at honoring the art of home hifi. While quite pleasing for the eye, all our systems are made for the ear first, because ultimately we close our eyes and just listen.

Our solid hardwood horns are a rather lovely instantiation of form following function: they act as coupling devices, doing for sound what a lens does for light (metaphorically speaking).

Ara means altar, and with our speakers we aim to encourage devotion: active listening, giving our whole selves over to music.

We currently have three floor-standing systems, from small to large. All systems are made in limited editions, and we're also happy doing custom work.

Friday, March 8, 2019

ATC SIA2-100


Product Description
ATC SIA2-100 Integrated Amplifier is compact at 2/3 width yet delivers high output power and excellent resolution with an integrated DAC suited to driving small to medium speakers and styling that assures seamless integration with other equipment.

ATC Legacy
SIA2-100 is the newest addition to ATC’s formidable range of top-performance audio electronics and speaker systems made for studio and hi-fi purposes.

One-box Design
SIA2-100 is built to partner the CD2 as a compact separates system and passive stereo loudspeakers. The versatile one-box design for DAC and pre/power amplification has the capability to generate 2 x 100W.

Noise Reduction
SIA2-100 works hard to prevent noise and distortion. The power amps use ATC’s circuit topology that has been refined over the past three decades. Lateral Mosfets in a mutual source structure provide lowest distortion with a broad frequency response. A peak limiter shields the drivers in case of an overdrive. Intermodulation and cross-talk defects are reduced due to discrete power supplies for the pre and power amp sections.

Discrete Design
ATC’s discrete analogue principle and local PS regulators provide maximum functional platform for the SIA2-100’s on-board AKM DAC and USB receiver. The USB input processes PCM sample rates from 44.1 to 384 kHz, while also decoding DSD sources at single rate DSD64 and double rate DSD128. Distortion measures on all inputs are below 0.001%.

SIA2-100 has two pairs of stereo line inputs on RCA phono sockets with a 3.5mm jack socket on the front, a digital SPDIF optical Toslink and coaxial input on an RCA phono socket and USB B input. There is also a pair of stereo power amp outputs on 4mm binding posts and headphone output on a 6.35mm jack socket.

Select input via a push button on the front panel and adjust output volume via a precision Alps potentiometer. Each function on the SIA2-100 is duplicated on the ATC remote control handset supplied. The SIA2-100 chassis is built to be sturdy, rigid and well damped with precision-cut 12mm aluminium front panels finished in brushed and anodised ‘titanium’ silver.

Headphone Amplifier
The SIA2-100 hosts a headphone amplifier and a 3.5mm aux input with greater sensitivity, more suited to connecting with portable audio devices. Both circuits are designed for lowest noise and distortion levels. The headphone amplifier is inclined in class A and can drive a range of 32 to 600 ohms headphones.

Key Features
- Dual line-level analogue inputs
- Three digital inputs: USB, Coaxial, TOSLINK
- Premium AKM 32-bit DAC
- Supports up to 384kHz PCM and native DSD256 (or DSD128 via Mac)
- ATC Discrete MOSFET Output Stage with 100W/Ch
- Headphone amp featuring discrete output stage.
- Handmade in England

Friday, March 1, 2019

Metaxas MASDAC