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Homer Concept Axisound 30


Axisound 30 is designed for "variable directivity split speakers" (Independent Speakers with Variable Direction, ISVD).

Gives the speaker more operating possibilities. 

7 units per channel, 4 channels, 4 speakers.

The cabinets of each frequency band are axially connected and can be turned left and right 30 degrees.

According to the characteristics of the listening space and different music, the direction, reflection and diffusion of sound waves are used to change the angle of the frequency band cabinet.

Each frequency band cabinet has an independent audio input terminal, which can be directly connected to the amplifier.

Or connect two boxes in parallel, or choose a sound box.

[ Specification ]

Recommended driving power: 

2 channels on each side of the left and right, 250W ± 50W per channel (8 ohms)

Recommended connection method: two split speakers per channel in parallel (Bi Wire)

Independent input impedance: T 13 ohm, M 8 ohm, B 8 ohm, S 9 ohm

Parallel input impedance: T/M parallel 4.9 ohm, B/S parallel 4.2 ohm

Frequency response: 30Hz to 30kHz (±6dB)

Frequency response range open sound field (-6dB) 28Hz to 33kHz

Frequency range Typical room bass response (-6dB): 25Hz

Tweeter (T) (13 ohm / 40W):

1-inch ceramic tweeter

Frequency response: 3KHz – 30KHz (±6dB)

Sensitivity 90dB (2.83V / 1m)

Mid-bass speaker (M) (8 ohm / 50W):

6-inch paper cone mid-bass X 1

Frequency response: 80Hz - 16kHz (±6dB)

Sensitivity 92dB (2.83V / 1m)


Mid-bass speaker (B) (8 ohm / 200W):

12-inch paper cone mid-bass X 1, 1-inch silk dome tweeter X 1

Frequency response: 50Hz – 3KHz (±6dB)

Sensitivity 92dB (2.83V / 1m)


Subwoofer (S) (9 ohm / 100W):

8-inch polyester cone subwoofer X 1

Frequency response: 30Hz – 500Hz (±6dB)

Sensitivity 90dB (2.83V / 1m)


Height: 1280 mm

Width: 485mm

Depth: 300 mm

Net weight: 90 kg

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