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Wizard Ultimate update

The latest:

The world best preamp!!!!
With new volume control technology.

HSE Swiss Masterline 7 inside, login and check out the inside on the CHF 80,000 phono stage.

All pics are in highres quality..... and the security is the best with encrypted connection.

To be a member price is US $50, that includes a lifetime membership access to Ultimate and technical support - for example system matching and buy help from an expert guru.

For security login, you need to have a Gmail email account.

Contact me if you are interested to join - link at left on this page.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Ayre QX-5 Twenty new Network 2 module


This upgrade introduces a new and improved version of our network interface, providing improved capabilities and superior performance.

Here's what is new:

PCM Resolution and Rates up to 32-bit / 384kHz (improved from 24-bit / 192kHz)

DSD support up to DSD256 Native (up from DSD64 via DoP)

Next generation network module design

New ultra-low-noise voltage regulation

The Network2 upgrade is a part of our continued commitment to ensure your Ayre product improves as the world of digital music evolves.

We are certain that you will enjoy the audible improvements as you discover your favorite songs again.

All new QX-5 Twenty units built will have this new module already installed and any existing units can be upgraded. 

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Ballfinger M 063 H6


After five years of production, it was time for a revision of the iconic M 063 H5. While outside almost everything remained the same, there is a whole series of innovations inside.  The most significant changes are:

Changed reel motors with software update

New tape transport electronics with software update

New tape tension scales mechanically more damped

New stabilizing rollers left and right. The weight of the rollers was increased and the rubber surface could be omitted so that the smoothness could be improved still slightly.

New VU meters with software update: The response time of the level meters could be shortened and the return time for active peak hold is now 3 sec. to -20 dB. The LED peak indicators now react at 0 dB in the first stage and at + 3 dB in the second stage.

The audio electronics have been completely redesigned with new mainboards and new amplifiers. Each channel now has its own board and is according studio standard now. Erase and bias frequency has been lowered from 155 kHz to 132 kHz.

New power supply with improved electromagnetic shielding.


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Alieno 100 LTD


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Nagra HD Phono


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SME Model 60


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Gryphon Apex