Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Studio Electric FSX

The top of the FS series. Available in custom finishes, including White, Piano Black, Figured Maple (shown) or Makassar Ebony.

FSX systems receive individually graded and tightly matched drivers to insure unsurpassed performance.

Extensive listening tests and burn-in at our shop, insure a speaker that will sound great right out of the crate!

Based on our highly regarded FS1 but with a few special touches!

FSX is a "3-driver + passive radiator" design. Mid-High components live in a seperate sealed enclousre from the low frequency sections. This robust speaker features a 1.5" baffle board and extensive internal bracing.

LF: SE HighXt™6.5" / 170mm /copolymer + 8" passive radiator
MF: SE HighXs™6.5" / 170mm /copolymer
HF: 1" / 25mm soft dome  
Frequency Response: 34Hz-22kHz
Sensitivity: 91dB @ 1W / 1 meter  
Recommended Amplifier Power: 75 to 450 Watts  
Impedance: 4 Ohms  
Crossover Frequencies: 80Hz / 3kHz
Construction: HDF and MDF with harwood veneers.
Cabinet Dimensions: (HxWxD): 45.5”x8.625"x22.125" (sans grill)  
Weight: 94 lbs. / 42.6kg (shipping weight: 104 lbs. / 47.2kg)

MSRP: $10,5000 -$11,500

Friday, August 11, 2017

Burmester - 40 years of nothing but the best

The new 159 Mono Blocks are Burmester’s most powerful amplifier ever built. The original concept, first shown at the Munich High-End show in 2016, was much more similar to the 909s in design. Like all Burmester products, they go through a concept phase then eventually over years of hard work come to the open market and into the hands of Burmester’s loyal customers and those looking for the best. We expect these new amplifiers to ship in 2018.

The 159’s are not as tall as the 909 but are much more substantial in stature being much deeper and very much heavier, estimated at 300+ lbs.

A fascinating design element is a sliding top on the 159’s. In order to power on the unit, you slide the massively heavy top towards the back, exposing the power lever and all the multiple damping factor settings of this world first design. Grab a hold of the power handle, something you would expect to see on a space ship, and you pull the lever forward to turn on the power that is the Burmester 159.

These Mono-blocks were design of Dieters that he had been working on for years, I recall getting a phone call from Dieter back in the winter of 2011 while I was enjoying the snow in Whistler, he was so excited to tell me about the epiphany he had and how amazing this great new design was going to be. The amazing team of engineers at Burmester were able to complete on this project.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Wizard Ultimate update

Posts and members visits at Ultimate:

August 4, 677 posts and 43150 hits.

There's always posted something special at Wizard Ultimate, the best ultra highend site on the internet.

The latest:

ANNA Lab GU-48 SET - one of the absolute best sounding, with great bass too.
Tocaro 50e
NEM D-DAC 2 with Audio Alternative parallel R2R dac boards, the best dac in the world, beats easily all other serial R2R including MSB Select 2 and Aries Cerat Kassandra 2 LE.

All pics are in highres quality..... and now the security is the best with encrypted connection.

To be a member price is US $125, this includes a lifetime membership access to Ultimate and technical support - for example system matching and buy help.

For security login, you need to have a Gmail email account.

Contact me if you are interested to join - link at left on this page.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Conrad-Johnson ET7 line-stage preamplifier

Announcing the new ET7 line-stage preamplifier, replacing the ET5 in our product line. The ET7 incorporates the power supply advances from the GAT Series 2.

Jeff Rowland 535 Stereo Power Amplifier



MACHINED ALUMINUM CHASSIS - Precision-machined chassis milled from a solid block of aircraft grade 6061–T6 aluminum, provides exceptional thermal heat transfer/dissipation, RFI/EMI shielding, and resonance control.

CERAMIC INPUT CIRCUIT BOARD -Input circuitry, comprised of a precision instrumentation amplifier, is implemented on mil–spec, low dielectric constant, Rogers™ ultra-rigid ceramic circuit board substrate for extremely low energy retention and absorption.

BALANCED TOPOLOGY - Inherent cancellation effects of balance topology ensures greatly reduced distortion and noise under dynamic signal conditions.

HIGH-PRECISION SURFACE MOUNT COMPONENTS - Extensive use of Lead (pb)-free, low temperature coefficient, active and passive surface-mount components results and significantly smaller loop areas, reduced circuit capacitance and inductance and introduces less noise than conventional leaded components.

THIN FILM RESISTORS - All resistors are low noise, 0.1% thin–film type for extremely low thermal noise which complement the lownoise characteristics of the active circuitry.

TEFLON COATED WIRES - All signal carrying input and output wires are silver with teflon insulation for low dielectric energy storage, further ensuring that each audio note reproduced naturally decays into the deeper silence of the music.

TRANSFORMER-COUPLING AND ISOLATION - Custom designed Input Transformers, wound with Cardas “six nines” copper wire, provide universal component compatibility and virtually eliminate ground loop noise and RFI/EMI. Transformer coupling ensures identical amplifier overall gain when using unbalanced input adapters.

ACTIVE POWER FACTOR CORRECTION - Power Factor Correction (PFC) in the power supply reduces AC line harmonic noise pollution and increases AC line power utilization to 99%

HIGH EFFICIENCY SWITCH-MODE POWER SUPPLY - Highly efficient, compact, light weight switch-mode power supply provides optimum voltage regulation for all circuits and operating conditions and allows for a quiet operation over a wide range of AC mains power sources. Power supply capacitance has been increased 100% to improve overall performance under demanding operating conditions.

OUTPUT BINDING POSTS - Three CE approved speaker output terminals require no tools for secure, low resistance connections.

FLEXIBLE 15 AMP AC POWER - 15 amp AC power inlet accepts of wide variety of after market high-performance power cables.

FRONT PANEL STANDBY SWITCH - Illuminated front panel push-button switches the amplifier into standby mode.

REAR PANEL REMOTE JACK - 12V 3.5 mm jack on rear panel permits amplifier power on/standby switching in remote and home theater applications.

BRIDGING CAPABILITY - Rear panel “bridging” switch for easy conversion to a mono bridge amplifier. Separate mono input and output connectors allow for an easy and “fool proof” mono bridging configuration. Bridged amplifier gain is automatically maintained at the same level as stereo amplifier gain for easy implementation into multiamplifier systems.


Maximum Output Power: 250 watts @ 8 ohms / 500 watts @ 4 ohms 900 watts @ 8 ohms BTL (bridge-tied load)
Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 70 kHz, -3 dB
Output Noise: 40 Microvolts A weighted
Input Impedance: 40k ohms
THD + Noise: < 0.05%, 20 Hz -20 kHz
Damping Factor: > 1000 @ 1 kHz
Overall Gain / Bal. or Unbal.: 26 dB Stereo/Bridged
Peak Output Current: 30 Amps
Dynamic Range: 120 dB (A) /124 dB (A) Bridged
Inputs: 1 pair Balanced Stereo/ 1 input Balanced Mono
Outputs: 1 pair binding posts Stereo/ 1 output Mono
Mains Input Voltage: 85-265 VAC
Amplifier Weight: 22 lbs/ 9.79 kgs
Amplifier Dimensions: (h/w/d) 3.4” X 15.5” X 11.0” / 86 X 394 X 279 (H x W x D)
Intermodulation Distortion: (CCIF) 0.0015%
Intermodulation Distortion: (TIM) 0.0035%

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Analog Domain Argus

Price around €30,000

Sensitivity - 90 dB
Size - W x H x D - 46 x 120 x 46 cm

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