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Flare Audio Zero


Zero System 3 price £20000 and £2000 for Zero 8.1 module.


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Schnerzinger Essential

The Schnerzinger Essential is the new and cheapest line from the German manufacturer, it offers a good entry into the world of high-end cables.

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Alare Remigo 2


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Accuphase DP-1000 CD/SACD transport & DC-1000 Dac

The DP-1000 CD/SACD transport & DC-1000 Dac  will be released from Accuphase, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.

Both models are scheduled to go on sale in mid-August 2021.

CD / SACD transport DP-1000

Price : 1,375,000 yen ( tax included )

A large super heavyweight bridge is used for the heavyweight drive mechanism.

An outer rotor type brushless DC motor is newly adopted for the spindle motor.

The damper is a combination of two types with different flexibility to further improve the anti-vibration effect.

The frame structure of the housing has also been reviewed, and the frame, which used to be a combination of two pieces, has been integrated into an L shape.

Dac DC-1000

Price : 1,375,000 yen ( tax included )

Like the DC-950, it uses the "MDS ++ method" by ESS Technology.

As a result of completely reviewing the IV conversion circuit, DAC IC peripheral circuit, and layout, further noise reduction and distortion reduction have been achieved.

The IV conversion circuit is equipped with an original ANCC, and the SN ratio is improved by attenuating after increasing the amplitude.

The filter amplifier circuit has also been improved in performance, the final stage is parallelized to two circuits, and ANCC is adopted for the second stage circuit of the low-pass filter.

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