Saturday, March 15, 2014

Burkhardtsmaier Presentation at Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe - part 4

Polished Aluminum

One member asked if the polished aluminum will oxidate. If it will turn bad. Polished aluminum, like silver, usually does rust. Ours, however, does not! We give a lifetime guarantee and we expect nothing but the best quality. This is what we deliver. This is why our polished aluminum surfaces are protected with a special coating which prevents the aluminum from rusting or fading. This is genuine German engineering at its very best!

Burkhardtsmaier and Zensati Cables

At High-End 2012, we have used Zensati cables because our cables were still under development.We do not have any business relations with Zensati.At the Launch, we have used Burkhardtsmaier cables; this is a proprietary design; and as everything else we produce, our cables are handcrafted.