Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weiss 30 Year Anniversary Limited Edition MAN301

This year we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Weiss Engineering.

We took the opportunity and created the gold plated MAN301DAC-A, available in a limited edition, manufactured during 2014 exclusively. The MAN301DAC-A sports the new DAC section with ultimate audio performance.

New D/A Converter section for MAN301. The MAN301 now offers two different D/A Converter sections to choose from. The current MAN301DAC model sports a high quality D/A Converter section which is based on our renowned DAC202 D/A Converter unit.

Enter our newly designed D/A Converter section: Based on our discrete single ended output Operational Amplifier (OP-Amp) design, it uses a discrete, balanced output OP-Amp design which performs at a stellar level.

Existing MAN301SERVER or MAN301DAC units can be easily upgraded with the new design.