Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aurorasound Preda line stage preamplifier


Preda is a solid state preamplifier with analog IN/OUT employing state-of-the-art transformer-type volume control system.

The transformer uses super-reliable lead relays with 54-step, permitting precise setting with perfect Infrared remote control. Unlike conventional resister-type attenuator, the transformer system has no loss of signals, as heat, enabling precision volume control settings.

Aurorasound’s newly developed discrete amp-module, having achieved ultra wideband and low distortion, balances input signal sources and adopt any type of output power amplifiers with excellent signal control.

Preda is developed with a completely new concept by adopting independent block for power supply, amplifiers, input and output modules for each L/R channels. A heavy duty solid aluminum chassis, extruded knobs, anti-vibration foot insulators are employed to achieve the highest-level musical performance, operation and aesthetics.

Gain select switch is added on the bottom of chassis. This function is more minus 16 step down foe mid-night listening.


RCA line level unbalanced x4, XLR balance x2

RCA unbalanced x1, XLR x1 balanced

10dB, Low Gain mode-6dB

Frequency characteristic
5Hz. 100kHz-1.5dB

Total harmonic distortion
0.008% A weighted

Input and output impedance
Input 56kΩ / Output 47Ω

54 Step Volume Control, more -16 step at Low Gain mode, L/R Balance Control, Mute, Display On/Off, Input Selector x6, Global Phase Reverse, Remote Control for those Functions

Size, weight
W 420 x D 330 x H 90mm, 10.8 kg