Saturday, May 10, 2014

David Berning 211/ 845 OTL mono amplifiers

$73500 /pr

The David Berning Company announces the debut of their 211/ 845 OTL amplifier which automatically biases itself for either tube.

The circuit is differentially balanced with zero global feedback and proprietary advanced switch mode power supplies with full power factor correction for global plug and play operation.

Constant output impedance over the entire audio spectrum utilizing the patented Berning ZOTL circuit.

Stillpoints Ultra 5, Ultra Bases and circuit board isolators are integrated for vibration control. Stillpoints cryogenic treatment is selectively utilized throughout the amplifier.

Power output - 845 tubes in 8/4 ohms - 84/110 watt, 211 tubes - 72/72 watt
Input impedance - 50k
Size - 48x20x48 cm
Weight - 2x17 kg