Friday, May 2, 2014

Silbatone SQ-101 Phono Stage

Silbatone is proud of our legacy of achievement in RIAA amplifier design, including several reference- grade models in which EQ is realized using a silver wired LCR network. This year, Sibatone introduces the global audio market’s first very first LR EQ phono preamplifer, The Silbatone SQ-101.

Due to novel design and careful implementation, it is now possible to eliminate not only capacitors but also resistors from the signal path, while providing precise phono equalization! Each channel of the SQ-101′s simple yet sophisticated design consists of a custom-wound silver input transformer, a pair of triode-wired German Post D3a tubes, two EQ inductors, and a 8416 triode employed as output buffer. The sound of the SQ-101 is the sound of silver litz wiring and great tubes with very little else in the way.

The SQ-101 is fully deserving of a place on the same shelf as our Silbatone reference preamplifiers. The musical presentation is fresh, direct, and detailed, while retaining all of the coloratura and emotional impact that musical performance requires, an engaging sound that is guaranteed to please all vinyl enthusiasts.