Sunday, May 11, 2014

Le Son LS003 mono amplifier

Release date - Fall 2014

Key features:

Monoblock amplifier
Discrete class B amplifier design
Mirror-like amplifier topology
High current power supply, massive filtering
Extremely short signal path
Single-pole concept for minimal phase shift
Optimal loudspeaker control through innovative feedback concept
Audiophile-grade internal wiring

Technical data:

Size : 426 x 320 x 106 mm / 16,8 x 12,6 x 4,2'
Control & firmware update:
USB-A port for memory stick

Analog inputs:
Unbalanced : 1x RCA, (20kΩ input impedance)
Balanced : 1x XLR (20kΩ input impedance)

Nominal output power:
1x 240W / 8Ω
1x 360W / 4Ω
1x 400W / 2Ω

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