Sunday, May 11, 2014

dc10audio 68-001 preamplifier

Unit features:

100% Non-inverting design

Input impedance = 100K

Fully point to point construction with high temp wiring and silver solder

Hand-matched high quality parts used throughout

FET / Triode cascode input topology for high gain and low noise

MM RIAA passive equalized phono input (47K input impedance, 15pf capacitance)

RIAA stage gain = 45dB
S/N ratio: 76dB, reference -40dB in @ 1kHz, +5dB record out, no weighting

Line stage gain = 14dB
S/N ratio: 100dB, reference 1V p-p out, no weighting

Tube compliment: 2 ea. 12AU7A - phono stage, 2 ea. ECC99 - line stage

High-quality Alps Blue volume pot

Balance control out of direct signal path

Even load on line inputs for consistent frequency response

Mono (true summing) and Mute switches for added convenience

5 line level inputs

Record output jacks

Dual main output jacks

Optional HT bypass function

Transformer coupled output - headphones and main outs

8 ohm output impedance - will drive 8 ohm speaker to 1 watt!

Very low noise solid state power supply with IE transformers (USA)

Shipped with with power cord and 4 Port Orford cedar iso-pads

Price without phono stage $4800 USD