Monday, May 12, 2014

Vitus Audio Reference CD-Player RCD-101

Introducing the RCD-101

The RCD-101, is our one of our latest additions to the Reference Series.

It is a true balanced CD-player, transport & DAC, based on the technologies used in our famous RCD-100. As the Philips CDPro2LF was discontinued, we desided not to continue offering a CD-player in the Reference Series.

However shortly after we announced to our partner network, that we would discontinue the RCD-100, we received an overwhelming number of requests to find a solution, and continue offering a Reference Series CD-player.

As replacement drive, we selected to use a Sony SACD drive and completely strip it, and rebuild it, like we have always done.

The drive is heavily modified to meet our demands for precission, leaving the error correction system with less work to do. This ensures optimal working conditions for the Sample Rate Conversion and DAC.

At the same time - we carefully selected a new USB interface which supports DSD and needs no drivers. But not only that, we completely overhauled all other electronics and optimized everything possible to maximize the resulting performance.

We also added an AES/EBU (XLR) digital input and output, in addition to the RCA I/O, which offers more flexibility when used as a DAC for other digital sources - for connecting multimedia players, PC/MAC or other digital sources.

The power supply is more powerfull which results in greater dynamics and lower noise though multiple regulation stages.

Overall this new version of the RCD-100 - is just in a different league. The overall upgrades have resulted in a performance lift we did not anticipate - directly compared with our old SCD-010 - it’s a clear winner, and now offered with DSD support.