Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wagner Audio Ardesio Duo

Basis of Ardesio Duo is a precision-milled slate block. The 100 mm turntable is provided with a diamond-cut and inlay of black acrylic.

The platter has a permanent ground for the disposal of residual static charge, which is responsible for the smooth and precise running of the platter specially developed oil bath WADB-made bearings high strength steel.

Wearing point of the plate is the area of contact between the two superimposed self-centering balls. The stationary ball is made ​​of a special polymer, the rotating ball is a monocrystalline ruby.

A central spike located underneath the platter bearing is fine thread adjustable. The spikes under the side arms are also via fine thread precisely adjusted.

Weight of the drive including motor unit is about 70 kg.
Mounting possibility for two tonearms 9-12 inches, which are positioned on a slide on the side arms.