Monday, April 14, 2014

Silberstatic Nr. 8


We are pleased to present you at the HIGH END 2014 the newest Silberstatic loudspeaker as a world premiere.

The all new Silberstatic Nr. 8 has been optimized in all areas on highest level and is showing a breathtaking and unique design. With a height of 218 cm and a width of 65 cm it has an impressive appearance and is a life-sized sculpture at the same time. Just as well awesome is the sound-painting this exceptional loudspeaker is drawing into the room. Already the first impression reveals exquisite tonal qualities and it does not have to fear the competition of any other speaker in the world.

Responsible for these outstanding speakers is a small German manufactory with its highly motivated team under the direction of company’s founder Mr. Dirk Jesberger.

During years of research and testing Mr. Jesberger succeeded in overcoming the difficulties of regular electrostatic speakers. In this way his full-range Silberstatics generate a real bass and do not need lots of power so they can be audiophile driven even by tube-amplifiers.