Friday, April 18, 2014

KSdigital KSD 2040


Coaxial, linear phase 3-way reference speaker with digital equalization

The KSD2040, as well as other members of the KSD-home series, a direct adaptation of a successful studio monitor model for the home. The used 8'' (20cm) coaxial chassis transfers from the root area of ​​all frequencies

This and the linear phase, ie time-accurate playback alike, deliver a plastic virtual stage with extreme spaciousness. The midrange diaphragm of the coax chassis serves for sound management of the tweeter and direct the sound directly to the listener.

The two 8'' bass drivers give lower octave in the bass, thereby supporting the vitality and joy of the pulse Coaxchassis by their immense membrane surface. The use of the F1-material carbon in our chassis prevents breaking (membrane no longer oscillates as a single cone) at higher volumes and ensures an extremely transient response to playback in deepest regions.

The installation position can be adjusted over a wide range.
Using the 5 programmable EQ, a flexible adaptation to various room situations is also possible.


Digital equalized, phase-linear playback through 8'' coaxial chassis with carbon-fiber membrane

Coaxial chassis with 1'' tweeter and directed radiation

Tweeter with waveguide through the membrane of the midrange driver for direct steering of the HT-energy

Carbon membrane avoids partials

All drivers on a plane (Time Alignment)

Cut in magnitude and in phase frequency response 28Hz to 24kHz (± 3dB)

Neodymium magnets in the chassis with concentrated magnetic field and negligible radiation

High-quality materials, stiffened housing

Analog or digital controlled (with optional DAC)

Remote controllable via remote KSD


Input: XLR-symmetric

Frequency range: 28Hz - 24000Hz (± 3dB)

digital room adaptation, 5 filters

Amplifier: 80W / 170W / 170W / 170W power amp

Crossover: 150Hz, 1400Hz

SPL: 120dB (peak pair)

Dimensions: 114cm x 26cm x 39cm (height, width, depth)

Weight: 29kg