Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sadurni Acoustics Staccato Horn System

Sadurni Acoustics introduces the Staccato Horn Speaker System, a 4-way system, using compression drivers for both the high- and upper mid-frequencies.  It is one of the first horn systems using a front-firing (i.e., not folded), wooden bass horn, which extends down to 120 Hz. Frequencies below 120 Hz to 25 Hz are delivered via a proprietary bass unit. It is certain to take on legendary status in the world of audio reproduction.

Sadurni Acoustics developed a proprietary horn system over many years with unique components to achieve the Staccato Horn and Bass system. Horn systems were used because of its speed. Sadurni Acoustics developed a manufacturing process which removes distortion from the horns to deliver crystal clear sound, avoiding the famous horn shout and horn sound. Each driver was meticulously selected for its ability to maintain the correct timber and tone of the music. To complement the very fast dynamics and disappearing distortion in the Staccato Horn Speaker system, Sadurni developed a very fast bass system for deep low bass that will keep up with the horns and yet fill a room of any size.

With the introduction of the Staccato Horn System, is the assignment of Merrill Audio as the US Distributor.  George Sadurni, CEO of Sadurni Acoustics says, “We are very excited about the Staccato Horn System as a new standard for music reproduction and extremely pleased to have a very high value partnership with Merrill Audio as our US Distributor”.

The Staccato Horn System will be sold in the Singapore region through Horizon Acoustics, LLP based in Singapore.

The Staccato Horn Speaker System will carry a MSRP of USD $40,000 with Shipping beginning June 1st. The speakers will be on display at Axpona 2014 at the Burton Room, from 25th to the 27th of April.


Sadurni Acoustics