Saturday, December 12, 2015

Acoustical Systems the Apolyt

The APOLYT will be capable of extracting every minute detail within the groove which is what you would expect from an Ultra-Hi-Performance product such as this.

The APOLYT comes with a wide range of optional cosmetic finishes for several parts of the turntable at the customers request.

* High gloss polished finish for certain parts of the frame & pillars
* Exotic prime wood panels & inlays
* 24k gold or palladium plating for the top caps

Personal set-up of the APOLYT in the customers home will be performed by Acoustical-Systems engineer included within the price.

Delivery time is 6 months from time of order and would require a deposit with the balance due on delivery.


Going beyond “Reference”, "State Of The Art" or "High End"

For those very few serious and curious enough to explore what’s really in the groove ....