Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Aavik Acoustics C-300 preamplifier & P-300 power amplifier

C-300 Preamplifier

Preamplifier with unique full featured system control center

The C-300 is equipped with two built-in DACs (PCM and DSD) and a phono section. It also comes with three line inputs: two single-ended and one balanced, and an RCA and an XLR output.

One-of-a-kind ultra low noise discreet phono section

For the C-300 we have designed a floating balanced, discreet, bipolar phono section.

Virtual ground amplification and volume control circuits

The virtual ground circuits eliminate the possibility of injecting dirty ground noise into the delicate audio circuits.

P-300 Power Amplifier

Unique non-switching efficient Class A output section

P-300 features a unique 150 W efficient Class A, non-switching output section where the bipolar output devices never stops conducting current. This means that the amplifier circuitry never has to deal with residuals such as switching spikes and device latchings.

Simple, short signal path

P-300 has an ultra short and simple signal circuit design, where all gain and feedback is performed by a single transistor pair. This short signal path gives P-300 a unique gain structure with extremely low distortion and a more than 90-degree phase margin for absolute amplifier stability.

Unique resonant power supplies

P-300 has four 600 W power factor corrected resonant mode power supplies. The in total 2400 W power supply combined with the extremely large electrolytic power banks allow P-300 to deliver peak currents in excess of 80 A.