Sunday, July 22, 2012

Viard Audio Design Platinum HD speaker cables

Viard Audio Design is proud to introduce a totally new concept in speaker cables, called Platinum HD, an absolute reference. Aimed for the most ambitious stereo systems, it is the fruit of a long development with even higher specifications than the famous Silver HD line.

From mono-wire to bi-wire, including active or passive multi-amp systems, all the combinations are allowed thanks to an exclusive system of interchangeable « heads » that always deliver the ideal link for the optimal listening performance.

Beyond the usual cables, the Platinum HD line is a real concept without compromise: the mix of a thorough selection of refined materials, and intense listening sessions on the most prestigious systems in the world. Each parameter was optimized:

-Transmission line separated for bass and treble frequencies, each benefiting of its dedicated section for optimal performance

-Mono-wire and bi-wire interchangeable heads with beryllium copper springs

-Star wiring with effective shielding against electro-magnetic interferences

-Unique jacket structure made with an outer screen of supple leather alternated with aluminum rings turned in the mass, cancelling any microphonic effects and vibrations.

The Platinum HD line is a genuine flagship, a statement for the Viard Audio Design brand that demonstrates the workmanship and passion of the Team whose goal is the ultimate musical performance through innovation and attention to details.

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