Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Audio Consulting R-evolution Stealth Turntable


The Stealth consists of two elaborate designs where its innards (34 cm diameter), are made out of a heavy and vibration treated cylinder. The latter is made of wood, sand and bronze bell (bronze from the cow’s bell makers in the Swiss Alps).

It’s a direct drive, motor with a 8 kg shaft and a 2 kg wooden platter. This is one of few turntable that uses wood as platter. The outer ring is made out of one single CNC milled donut of 80 cm, single piece of American walnut wood that’s been dried for 20 years after cutting.

After CNC milling there’s intense labor by Swiss artisans  that require a full four days. Finally, after more than 10 layers of special bees-wax is applied only then is the Stealth near completion.The inner and outer parts have no mechanical connection, thus avoiding mechanical feedback loops typical of the platter-cartridge-arm-platter type.

The Stealth uses a powerful direct drive motor with two separate battery power supplies. Incredibly, it only consumes one watt when rotating and uses only sophisticated electronic parts and a silver wire MC step up transformer.

The Stealth is large. So large in fact, it comes equipped with the same Accurion/Halcyonic Vario 60 active vibration control system specifically designed for electron microscopes.