Sunday, July 22, 2012

FM Acoustics Vintage Preamps - part 3

In 1992 FMA finally released an preamp which was at the same level as their amps.

The fully balanced 266 at the price of CHF 36000.

266 was produced for 14 years before it was replaced by 266II in 2006.

CMRR - 100dB
S/N - 120dB
Bandwidth - 1Hz-2MHz
Input impedance - 100k
Output impedance - 10 ohm
Output stage max cable length - 1000m+
Max input/output voltage - 9V/19,5V
Rise/Fall time - 300 ns
Weight - 7kg

From Bert Whyte - Audio Magazine in 1992

After extended listening with the FM 266, I was impressed in much the same way as I was by its companion FM 811 power amplifier, which is to say that its absolutely effortless dynamic music expression could take me from hushed string pianissimo to awesome fortissimo orchestral tuttis instantaneously. There was no lag or delay, no sense whatever of any kind of com pression or limiting due to circuit inadequacies.
The full gamut of orchestral dynamics was present with a verisimilitude equaled only by the live concert experience. You expect a truly clean signal from equipment of this caliber, but I was amazed at the low-level sounds or, when there were rests in the music, at the utter silence.

The FM 266 was utterly and absolutely sonically transparent, with not even a vestigial hint of hum or a single noise artifact.
I've used balanced equipment for many years in my recording activities, and the stunning performance of the FM Acoustics 266 preamplifier made the case for a balanced system more convincing than ever.