Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cypher Labs Prautes headphone amplifier

Designed by Coffman Labs and produced in collaboration with Cypher Labs, the Prautes is a limited edition analog headphone amplifier.  Combining vintage tubes, military technology, and hand made American components, we’ve sought to unlock an unsurpassed listening experience for the audio customer at an affordable and inclusive price.

Primarily intended for headphone use, the Prautes drives a wide range of headphone types and provides for impedance matching. It includes a very subtle bass boost feature, a line-out stage, and is also capable of powering small speakers. The controls are optimized for headphone output to offer revealing clarity, presence and an expansive soundstage—presenting your music with subtlety, image, accurate detail, and the excitement of live experience. The result is a legacy piece that is timeless and enduring.

The Prautes uses a 12AU7 tube gain stage to drive a pair of 50L6 or 25L6 tubes (note in product serial number) in push-pull mode. This provides for more power than needed for almost all headphones—and can drive high efficiency speakers with about 2 watts. Five separate output impedance settings are provided to match listening equipment, including 8 ohm speakers, standard headphones, high impedance headphones and In-Ear-Monitors.