Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ansuz Acoustics rack

With this new Ansuz Rack, we have united all our best experiences from working with resonance control in a High-End music system, and put them together in a high performing and functional rack system.

Doing the design for the Ansuz Rack, Michael Børresen has utilised all the best acoustic properties from geometry and materials to create a design that is simple and logical.

The Rack is created as a modular system, making you able to design exactly the the rack that fits your need for space.

The Rack can be adjusted to level the shelves perfectly, and you can add more Ansuz Darkz beneath the shelves - and even between each module.

Uprights comes in three heights: 30, 116 and 292 mm. The uprights is made from Titanium which, together with the aluminium construction creates an unique acoustic performance. Shelves are finished with black-stained aspen vurneer for minimal risk of scratching.

The Rack can be customised with various resonance enhancing coatings on the Titanium parts.

Delivery: September 2018