Monday, April 24, 2017

Riviera APV-01 & AFM-50

Preamplifier line in a single frame, with an audio circuitry entirely valves, Zero Feedback and in Class A, completed by a solid state stabilized power supply with a non-conventional circuit. For those who want a no-compromise results.

All tube audio circuit
Zero Feedback
In Class A
Solid state stabilized power supply with a non-conventional circuit
5 inputs unbalanced line
2 balanced line inputs
1 Aux customizable
Input / Output Tape
2 line outputs (suitable for multi-amplification)
Remote control for all functions

Final Hybrid Amplifier mono, Zero Feedback and Pure Class A offers 50W into 8 ohms and is capable of driving the speakers with maximum naturalness.

Deliberately devoid of current limitation systems, does not fear the most complex loads.

The refinement and driving capability they suggest the use in multi-amplified systems, this provides for the entrance of the filters, disconnectable, to achieve assisted passive multiamplification.

50W Power (8 ohms)
Zero Feedback
In Pure Class A
Hybrid circuit
1 line RCA input
1 balanced input
Ability to insert for input filters for multi-amplification