Friday, April 28, 2017

Podium Sound Point THREE


Engineered to perfection, the new Podium Sound Point THREE is lovingly crafted with meticulous attention to every detail.

The front and back plates of each loudspeaker are precision machined out of a single massive, solid wood block sourced exclusively from sustainable forests. As with the cabinet of a grand piano, our frame has been through many design iterations to deliver the warmth, strength and resonance of a perfectly tuned musical instrument.

The heart and soul of the loudspeaker, the resonating panel, is manufactured using aerospace-grade honeycomb panel cut to micrometer precision. It is then coated in our own special compound to provide a panel that has longevity, delicacy, and the resonant qualities of the greatest concert-grand pianos.

Every component is equally carefully selected for its quality to create an acoustic synergy when the final product is played in, from the medical-grade, ultra-pure wire to the marvelous Sheffield stainless steel chosen for our spikes and loudspeaker feet. After the internal components are mounted and tested, the two, massive halves are brought together and married to create a technically sublime modern classic.

The Podium Sound Point THREEs set the standard for resonating panel loudspeakers.

Technical details

Dimensions: 1184mm x 530mm x 340mm
Weight: 6kg each
Frame: precision machined hardwood and stainless steel
Sound Propagation: transverse wave resonating panel
Driver: 4 x Podium Sound designed transducers
Internal connections: 99.99% pure silver wire
Binding Posts: WBT
Cross-over: NONE
Overload protection circuit: NONE
Electronics: NONE
Speaker cloth: NONE
Impedance: 3.87ohm at 1000Hz
On Axis Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB (98dB SPL, 3 Meters)
30° off-axis Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB (98dB SPL, 3 Meters)
60° off-axis Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB (98dB SPL, 3 Meters)