Saturday, June 18, 2016

Phison A2.120 power amplifier

The A2.120 power amplifier is based on the same gain stages as PD2 preamplifier making the sound signature identical to the PD2 preamplifier.

We have choosen a classic linear supply for the power amplifier as we have tested different types of SMPS and every time we end up having worse bass performance from the amplifier even is the SMPS is rated 3 times the power of the linear power supply. It is not something that we need to listen extensively to hear, it is obvious right away for everyone that have heard the difference from SMPS and Linear classic powersupply.

We have chosen to have 7 pair’s output devices because we wanted no saturation when driving the amplifier in bridged mode.  In bridged mode running as mono block this amplifier becomes a compact powerhouse having enough drive ability to drive the toughest loads.

Main features are:

2x120 Watt into 8 Ohm load
Bridgeable to 300Watt into 8Ohm load
Powersupply : 1 KVA
Output current capability : 60A peak
Bandwidth: 1Hz – 330KHz
Inputs: RCA and XLR
Weight: 26 Kg
Size: 440x140x350mm
7 output transistor pairs per channel
No global feedback loop
Frontend: JFET folded cascade
Output stage: Current feedback design