Monday, June 20, 2016

Kroma Audio Carmen


We created Kroma Audio as we felt the need to combine the highest level of High Fidelity with the naturalism and realism shown in a live interpretation.

The Hi-Fi market is saturated with dynamic, absolute reference acoustic speakers, but also with resonances that lead to artificial sound colorations, discordances, discrepancies, and imperfections in the restitution of the natural timbres of each instrument.

For these reasons, we came to the conclusion that another sound is possible . . . the sound of Kroma Audio.

Kroma Audio has exceeded the limits of sound reproduction that, up until now, only the best Hi-Fi systems have been able to achieve. We are tired of stunning, spellbinding loudspeakers that never let us forget that we are listening to a recording. Kroma Audio allows you to immerse yourself in a live performance with each listening.

You have never enjoyed such an overwhelming, realistic sound . . . such an unknown rich timbre . . . and such high level of detail that, up until now, seemed impossible to achieve.

Pure passion, pure emotion, pure magic . . . this is the sound of Kroma Audio.

Kroma Audio isn ́t just another company that makes loudspeakers. Our products are carried out from 30 years experience of designing acoustic speakers, arduous and intense investigation that has been done, endless sessions of listening and the use of our own technology and unique manufacturing and artisanship in the worldwide Hi-Fi sector.

In the manufacturing of our products, we combine the use of the most advanced technological robotics for the making of the cabinet, with essential handmade pieces by true artisan luthiers, to achieve a very special final product, unique and incomparable to any that is available in the market today.

Some of the manufacturing characteristics that distinguish Kroma Audio are:

Cabinet made entirely in Krion, a non-conductive and non-magnetic material that stands out for its high mass and the absence of resonances, resulting in no sound colorations.

Cabinet lining made of different types of wood, the same wood that well known luthiers use for making their musical instruments. Specifically and strategically placed for the greatest acoustic impact, they make it possible to fine-tune the behavior of each pair of loudspeakers as if they were musical instruments themselves.

The absence of metallic elements in the manufacturing of the cabinet. Not one metal screw is used: neither in the chassis, nor in the filter, not even in the fastening of the drivers.

Selected filter components chosen for their top sound quality, such as brand names Duelund and Mundorf, combined with very special NOS components.


Full Krion cabinet with crossover isolated in an hermetically separated chamber
Tweeter: Hiquphone
Mid-woofers: 2 x Scan Speak Revelator 6,5” made under our specifications
Passive crossover network with ultra high quality components:
Duelund, Mundorf and very special NOS components
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity: 91 dB
Vibex Pies de RĂ©sistance decoupling feet
Recommended power amplifier: >15W
Dimensions: 128,5cm high, 29,5cm wide, 42,5cm deep
Weight without packaging: 100 kg