Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Soulution Audio 511 Stereo Power Amplifier

CHF 24500

Key Features

Switched Mode power supply(4 x 600VA ) optimized for use in audio amplifiers
More than 500'000 µFarad of storage capacitance in the power supply
Peak current rating of more than 60A
Versatile: stereo-, mono- und dual-mode
Impuls power rating> 3'000 Watt (stereo/dual), > 6'000 Watt (mono)

Operating modes
The 511 stereo-amplifier can be used in three different setups:
Stereo-mode: 150W @ 8Ω, 300W @ 4Ω, 600W @ 2Ω per channel
Dual-mode: 150W @ 8Ω, 300W @ 4Ω, 600W @ 2Ω per channel
Mono-mode: 600W @ 8Ω, 1'200W @ 4Ω, 2'000W @ 2Ω


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