Monday, April 11, 2016

A customer review about Schnerzinger Technologies

As a long time music lover and audiophile pursuing the most possible original reproduction of music performance is not an easy matter in domestic environment, changing hardware, software and accessory of all kinds are common practice in our pursue, however, never in our experiences or understanding that passive devices designed to clean up unclean environment, whether sources of dirtiness are from equipment, electricity or from the atmosphere, can achieve results to an extend like changing a core active component in our system.

We are some of those who don't like unnecessary components or accessories that get into the signal / music reproduction path, these SCHNERZINGER analog, digital, speaker cleaners and power grid protector just don't, they are only hooked up to the unused analog/digital RCA/XLR input (output), speaker binding post and plug into any available power socket in our home.

You don't need to sit tight and straight at all to appreciate these cleaners' positive effects, the only doubt you may have (like us) is, how could passive components can bring to music reproduction such an all-around improvement without any discernible negatives? Analytically, these cleaners and protectors give us unmistakable larger and deeper, true-to-life three dimensional sound-stage with superb instrument, voice and image separation, they can miraculously retrieve more micro details and dynamic from the recordings with natural tonal balance which we were not aware of previously in a wide variety of hardware we owned. You can use all sort of fancy audiophile terms or beautiful language to describe the improvements, but simply put, they give music more lively and natural presentation, and make it more enjoyable to listener.

As music lovers we listen to music not HiFi hardware, the ultimate test of how good a system can reproduce music, is whether it can bring you in tune with the music and the performers. It is this critical aspect that these SCHNERZINGER cleaners and protectors are real treasure to us. They work by removing unwanted interference of some kinds, if I have to make a guess, such as radio frequency interference (RFI) or electro-magnetic interference (EMI) from the environment and beautifully release the least interfered music signal to our systems. After living with these SCHNERZINGER products in our systems for more than three months, it consistently brought us much closer to the music and performance. In the past we enjoyed listen to very good reproduction of music from our systems but now with these cleaners and protectors, we were like literally transported right into the concert hall or recording venue to enjoy the music and performance, as music lovers, what else can we ask for?


April 2016

Main systems including:

Analog source: Strain Gauge valve phono system, Kondo phono

Digital source: MSB top of the line DAC, Lampizator Golden Gate DAC

Amplification: Kondo pre/power amp, single-ended 300B mono blocks

Speakers: Zellaton, Crystal speakers and Reference 3A Episode