Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Zellaton Reference Mk II with Schnerzinger, LOIT, BFA, Acoustical Systems, Tandem & Mal Valve - Best sound at Highend 2015

Reference Mk II deliver exactly the information that's on your source material - if it has high treble, less midbass, bass or something else that you're used to, that's not the Zellaton speakers fault.

Other Zellaton speakers I've heard this neutral character from are SR-1 and Legacy Reference Monitor.

I listened to this setup for 2 hours straight with SPL up to 100dB with no fatigue at all.

Before this session I had been listening to all the others not so good sounding setups and I had fatigue and I wanted to leave the show, but that disappeared when I started to listen to the Zellaton setup.

Easily the best sound at Highend 2015.

10 more highres pics of this setup are at my Ultimate blog.