Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Munich 2015

The best sound in Munich was at Zellaton showroom with Schnerzinger cables without any cleaners... even Reference II at MOC or FMA XS at Hifideluxe and others couldn't compete.

The sound from the Legacy Reference Monitor speakers was so good that people started to dance in the showroom..... We are now at Zellaton level in a different sound universe.......

Me and my friend was specially invited to hear the world exclusive release of a new Zellaton speaker in their showroom. We listened to Legacy for 3 hours without getting any fatigue at all.

The best and worst sounding setups at the MOC and Hifideluxe.

It was very hard to find any good sounding setups, but there's many bad sounding ones.

Best sound:

1 - Zellaton Reference II and Legacy Reference Monitor - Listened to both for a long time without getting any fatigue at all - Reference II 2 hours and Legacy 3 hours.
2 - FMA XS-1
3 - Venture Avantgarde III
4 - Focus Master 2
5 - Perfect 8 The Point III

Worst sound:

1 - Marten Coltrane 3 - Fatigue after 10 seconds, a new record in bad sound!
2 - JBL + Mark Levinson - A bright distorted sound - I got a headache after a short time
3 - Sonus Faber - Very distorted sound - must run out after 30 seconds
4 - Jeff Rowland + Avalon - Only noise
5 - Tune Audio - Artificial noise

I could easily list up many more bad sounding setups.