Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gamut Superior RS series

Building upon the 2007 S range of S3 to S9 models, the new RS range again consists of four models now called RS3, RS5, RS7 and RS9.

The RS cabinets look like their predecessors. The enhancements are all in the construction. The curved cabinets are still based on an inner structure of laminated Finnish Birch Ply but now the outer skin consists of five layers of 2mm-thick Ash veneers.

This delivers an even more pleasing harmonic structure by taking the last remnants of resonance to a lower level of audibility. The new hookup wiring is now our own Wormhole Signatures in two twisted pairs.

UK pricing:

£11'850 + £3'550 for the monitor RS3 with stand
£23'100 for the RS5 2½-way compact tower
£29'050 for the RS7 3-way tower
£74'000 for the RS9 flagship shown